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Audio Visual Rooms


The Audio-visual Room (AVR) is a place where the students experience learning in an effective way. There are two AVR facilities in the campus AVR I and AVR II. The rooms are divided by a collapsible partition. They are both situated at the 4th floor of the Technology Building. Each room has a total seating capacity of 50 persons and may be expanded to 100 persons seating capacity when both rooms will be utilized.  Each room is equipped with LED Television,  Movie type chairs arranged in a Horse shoe style, well lighted with backups lights from the solar panels and with an installed a 2 hp split type air conditioning unit to make the usage of the room comfortable.  The venue for Faculty and students seminars, Class and organization activities, symposium, large size meetings, video presentations, video conferencing, Live broadcast services and other related activities.



  • Chemistry Laboratory - The Chemistry laboratory is situated at the 4th floor of Technology Bldg. It is a fully air conditioned laboratory that contains four pieces  of laboratory tables which measures 4 feet width x 8 feet length x 3 feet high with 18 mm chemical resistant  top. Each table has a lavatory at its end.  The room also has Fume Hood, Eyewasher and a demonstration table.  This laboratory is being utilized to reinforce the lectures conducted in chemistry classes by giving students a chance to apply the knowledge they have learned. The students are being taught here of the different techniques necessary to be learned for them to become competitive professionals in the future
  • Physics Laboratory - The experimental nature of physics coupled with the theoretical concepts and relationships being introduced in lectures to describe the general nature and behavior of real phenomena are the primary considerations in the design of the Physics Laboratory. The Laboratory has four units of laboratory tables with lavatory at each end.   Each table measures 4 feet width x 8 feet length x 3 feet high with 18 mm chemical resistant table top. The room is fully air conditioned with proper lightings back up with lights coming from solar panels. This laboratory will give students genuine understanding of the lessons based on careful observation and thoughtful analysis of actual experiments
  • Computer Laboratory - The Computer Laboratory is an air-conditioned room to provide a conducive learning environment for the students and faculty member.   Brand new personal computer units are installed in the Laboratory with licensed softwares and powered by i7 processor.  There are 3 sets of CISCO internet equipment being used for instructional purposes.  Students under the computer science program and other programs will have deeper understanding in their field of specialization as well as be able to fully utilize their potentials through the use of the different equipment.
Sports Gym Facility

The facility is placed on the fifth floor of the technology building.  It is an air conditioned room and includes equipment such as treadmills, cycle ergometers, rowers, power cage and numerous free weights and machines.  It is being used by freshmen and sophomore students enrolled in PE courses as well as teaching and non -teaching personnel under the wellness program of the campus.

Campus Canteen

The Campus Canteen is located at the left side of the campus façade. It is composed of seven stalls with an average size of 6.11 sqm each. It has Comfort Rooms, a wash area, Storage area and dining area. The dining area can accommodate 60 to 80 persons.  It also serves as a student center where students recreation and socialization are conducted.  The center is also being utilized as a venue for meeting of student groups and conferences or competitions being held by the different local organizations.    

Prayer Room


The campus prayer room caters to the spiritual needs of students and university personnel. Religious services are being conducted here like Bible Study, Rosary Day   monthly Eucharistic Celebration for the Catholics, Muslim worships and other related activities. This room is intended for the use of students and staff to feel a calm, clean and a neutral environment. To enhance its ambience, the room is air conditioned and has adjustable lights to suit the mood of the activity being conducted. Different religious images and symbols can also be found inside the prayer room.

Multipurpose Halls

There are four Multi-purpose halls in the campus. They are located at the Fifth floor of the technology building. For the easy movement of people, the building is equipped with an elevator. The halls are properly ventilated for the convenience of the users. In cases when the crowd is bigger, the partitions between the halls may be removed to provide more space. The place is also Wifi ready and has a good view of the Taal Basilica, SM center, Pansipit river and other beautiful places of the town proper. The Multipurpose Halls serve as an ideal place for brainstorming, large gathering group of students, and networking of different organizations and break out session during seminars.