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Extension & Community Services

PaLOBOhin ang Kita

The National Economic and Development Authority, NEDA, is an independent cabinet-level agency of the Philippine government responsible for economic development and planning. As part of its reinforced commitment to alleviate poverty and empower the disadvantaged sectors through the provision of appropriate interventions, a thorough assessment of each municipality in the province of Batangas was conducted. Thus, a need to strengthen the implementation of Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) is a must. SLP is a community-based capacity building program that aims to improve the socio-economic condition of poor Filipinos by facilitating opportunities for development and management of resources viable for micro-enterprises and employment facilitation.

Barangay Nagtaluntong is one among the 26 barangays in the municipality of Lobo Batangas. Accordingly, it is identified by NEDA as one of the four less fortunate communities in the area, however, is said to be having the abundance of agricultural resources. With this, the extension service unit of BatStateU conducted a needs assessment of the area. Based from the result, it was revealed that there is a need to extend aid to the residents to uplift their everyday lives making them earn stable income for their family.

PaLOBOhin Ang Kita
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As part of the university’s thrust to nurture the spirit of nationhood through extension activities, the college (CABEIHM) developed various programs to give assistance to the residents of the community. As the college offers a range of specialization in business and entrepreneurship, it has the capacity to tender the beneficiaries with livelihood entrepreneurial projects. PaLOBOhin ang Kita is an extension project of the college composed of trainings and workshop conducted to equip the beneficiaries with skills in making homemade products like meat processed food. To fully attain its objectives, the project targets to operate for the period of three years. The project believes that soon, these products when available in the market can somehow help the beneficiaries gain additional income for their families. Moreover, when this business materializes, the beneficiaries must further be equipped with appropriate trainings as to how they sustain the business like financial management and food safety trainings.  

The beneficiaries of this project are the local community residents of Brgy. Nagtaluntong Lobo Batangas particularly those who are engaged in manufacturing local produced products and to those who are willing to involve themselves in business. Furthermore, the project will give them insights to efficiently operate their business in terms of finances. 

Generally, this project aims to establish people’s organization in the community. It specifically seeks to improve the financial management skills of the beneficiaries (local community residents), impart strategies on how to produce products observing proper sanitation; and implement strategies to sustain/ improve the financial position of the business in the market.

Title of the Activity:
CitronelLAMOK TEPOK: A BatStateU-BS Biology Environmental Campaign Against Dengue for Possible Renewal of Linkage with Brgy. Talahib Pandayan

Brief Description:
In 2015, the CAS through the BS Biology program conducted an extension activity that raised the awareness of the residents on prevention of dengue. Monitoring activities were conducted on 2017, and based on the monitoring report, the objectives were successfully delivered. Further, the residents were thankful for the help and support given to the community by Batangas State University.
The program plans to renew the linkage between Brgy. Talahib Pandayan and Batangas State University to continue the partnership and implement its sustainability plans. As per Level IV Phase 1 Accreditation of the Program, sustainability plans were reported under the Extension Area. This includes the agro-entrepreneurship venture through citronella production.

Residents of Barangay Talahib Pandayan, Batangas City

Cooperating Agencies:
LGU of Brgy. Talahib Pandayan, KALIPI Women’s Organization of Brgy. Talahib Pandayan, Extension Service Office - BatStateU

Time-Line of Activities:
Periodic Monitoring Activities of BS Biology Program Extension Activities

Monitoring Activitys Date Venue Persons Involved
Citronella Propagation Project July 29, 2015 Sitio Tramo, Barangay Alangilan, Batangas City Biology Major Students Society (BioMaSS)
Ms. Abegail L. Gonzales
CitronelLamokTepok! Phase 1 November 29, 2016 Barangay Talahib-Pandayan, Batangas City Dr. Benedict Medina
Ms. Vaberlie M. Garcia
Ms. Rhona Alog
Ms. Amor P. Magtibay
Mr. Reygan H. Sangalang
July 27, 2017 Barangay Talahib-Pandayan, Batangas City Dr. Matilda H. Dimaano
Ms. Amor P. Magtibay
Dr. Jodi Belina Bejer
Ms. Heidi B. Gonzales
Atty. Alvin de Silva
Ms. Ma. Theresa Hernandez
Ms. Rubylyn Mijan
Biology Major Students Society (BioMaSS)
CitronelLamokTepok! November 15, 2017 Barangay Talahib-Pandayan, Batangas City Dr. Matilda H. Dimaano
Ms. Divine Grace F. Flores
Dr. Sherry Joy del Mundo
Ms. Antonette T. Geron
Ms. Angelica Macalalad
Ms. Rubylyn Mijan
Mr. Marc Tesico
Periodic Monitoring November 27, 2019 Barangay Talahib-Pandayan, Batangas City Project Leader
Ms. Amor P. Magtibay
Asst. Project Leaders:
Mr. Albert M. Arcega
Ms. Antonnette T. Geron
Ms. Rubylyn M. Infante

Project Coordinators:Dr.Vaberlie M. Garcia
Ms. Ma. Lucia A. Caringal
Ms. Dianne S, Cullar
Dr. Jeffery C. Arrieta
Dr. Pelita C. Panganiban
Ms. Angelica A. Macalalad
Dr. Chona Andal
Ms. Leonida M. Falculan

Name of Extension Service Beneficiaries Duration
NDAP Batangas Chapter Conference: Webinar Series Edition with the theme: “Going Holistic! A Strategy to Endurance and Longevity” conducted in partnership with Nutritionist-Dietitians Association of the Philippines Nutritionist-Dietitians August 1, 2020
BANGON BATANGAS - Spartan Cares: Health and Nutritional Assessment Among Taal Evacuees– A CONAHS Extension Service Project conducted in partnership with City Health Office, and CONAHS Student Council, Spartan League of Nurses, Philippine Association of Nutrition Epsilon-Sigma Chapter Taal Evacuees who temporarily resided in BatStateU evacuation facility January 21-23, 2020
Healthy Eating for Kids – A Seminar Workshop on Child Nutrition , conducted in partnership with City Health Office and Philippine Association of Nutrition Epsilon-Sigma Chapter Parents (PTA) members
Hakab Na: Breastfeeding 101: “A Breastfeeding Campaign in the University” conducted in partnership with City Health Office and Spartan League of Nurses/CONAHS-SC BatStateU employees (Nursing and Pregnant Mothers) November 26, 2019
Halt Ignorance: Be Vocal! BatStateU HIV Awareness Campaign Adolescent Population from Other Schools and Communities June 27, 2019
Training Workshop on Maternal and Infant Nutrition for Barangay Cuta Health Workers conducted in partnership with City Health Office Barangay Health Workers April 19, 2018
“Heightening Initiatives for Victory(HIV): An HIV Awareness Campaign” conducted in partnership with Gender and Development Office, City Health Office and CONAHS Student Council Adolescent Population (BatStateU students) May 8, 2018
Spartan Cares: #YOLO: Empowering Health Workers for Adolescent and Reproductive Health, conducted in partnership with Gender and Development Office and City Health Office Barangay Health Workers and Barangay Nutrition Scholars September 10, 2018
HAKAB NA: Breastfeeding 101 conducted in partnership with Gender and Development Office and City Health Office, and Spartan League of Nurses Pregnant Mothers/Nursing Mothers from Brgy. Cuta November 9, 2018
Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby, conducted in partnership with Gender and Development Office, City Health Office and CONAHS Student Council Mothers and Women of Reproductive Age
Para Magka-Family, Mag-Planning Muna: A Family Planning Seminar, conducted in partnership with Gender and Development Office and City Health Office, and Spartan League of Nurses December 13, 2018
Information Campaign on Adolescent Reproductive Health, conducted in partnership with Gender and Development Office, City Health Office and CONAHS Student Council Senior High School Students Outside the University December 19, 2018
Collaboration of BatStateU and Global Korean Nursing Foundation: Health and Nutrition Among School Children and Elderly in Batangas Elementary Students From: Batangas City East Elementary School Julian A. Pastor Memorial Elementary School Adults in: Brgy. Alangilan, Batangas City Balete Relocation Site, Batangas City January 11-13, 2017
“Healthy School, Healthy Kids” conducted in partnership with Global Korea Nursing Foundation and Dongshin University – College of Oriental Medicine Childhood Population (Elementary students from Talahib Pandayan ES, Julian Pastor Memorial ES, and Batangas City South ES) June 13-17, 2016
Collaboration of BatStateU and Global Korean Nursing Foundation for Nursing and HealthCare Education: “STOP HYPERTENSION AND DIABETES” at Talahib Pandayan Families of Barangay Talahib Pandayan, Batangas City January 13-14, 2016
Education: “STOP HYPERTENSION AND DIABETES” at Talahib Pandayan

Gift-Giving for Taal Volcanic Eruption Victims 

CTE family headed by Dr. Ivy Panelo in coordination with the Extension Service Office (ESO)) of Batangas State University helped the 92 affected families of Taal Volcano Eruption. These evacuees were consisted of 376 individuals with 201 males, 175 females, 62 male children and 63 female kids, 35 males and 18 female youths, 66 women, 88 adult males and 9 adult females, 12 male seniors and 16 female senior citizens, 2 pregnant women, 4 male infants, and 1 female infant. All of these displaced people were kept in the BatStateU Evacuation Center at the gymnasium and were provided of their needs. 

CTE assisted ESO in posting the evacuees’ needs on Facebook. Dr. Ivy Corazon B. Panelo, faculty extensionist of CTE and member of Good Shepherd Baptist Church, coordinated the needs to the church members, which was actively involved in different extension services to the less fortunate people. Immediately, the church responded and prepared 376 packs of toiletries, underwears, diapers, insect repellant, brand new T-shirts, and art materials for kids.


PROJECT BSU : Bigay Saludo sa Ulirang Frontliners - A Program in providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the front liners in battling COVID-19 Pandemic

In the middle of COVID 19 struck in the Philippines, the CTE MAEM group in Lipa Campus immediately launched an online campaign to raise funds for our frontliners in seven checkpoints in Lipa City particularly Sto. Toribio, Tambo, Marawoy Junction near in Fiesta Mall, Barangay 9 (Hungry Hippo), Antipolo Del Norte (Carmel Church), Sabang (Puregold) and San Sebastian. They were 117 frontliners who benefited in this project wherein they received food packs, vitamins, face shields and alcohol.


SIKLAS: Learn to Move, Move to Learn: Sa ZUMBAhay, Bida ang Pamilya

CTE MAEd-P.E students who advocate sports and recreational activities, launched a virtual Zumba as a sequel of our Community Extension Program this School Year 2019-2020. The said activity was entitled, “SIKLAS: Learn to Move, Move to Learn” with the theme, “Sa ZUMBAhay Bida ang Pamilya!” It was held on May 15-18, 2020.  ZUMBAhay is a Physical Fitness activity that will help everyone to be mentally and physically fit. It is a fun and enjoying activity for all ages, sex, and status in life.


Webinar on GUlayan at kaBuhayan sA Tubig” GUBAT - Introduction of SNAP Hydroponics in Batangas



The BEED faculty headed by Ms. Bernardita De Chavez helped 600 families from Aplaya Bauan, Batangas (Closa St. and H. Marasigan St.). The De Chavez family bought 30 sacks of rice and were able to solicit 60 more sacks of rice, enough to be given to 600 families with 3 kilos of rice per family. 


Project STARlite (Smart Teaching And Resources for Literature): Strategies for Literature Teaching in the New Normal

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has affected a lot of sectors in the Philippines. Due to this pandemic, schools have jumped the wagon to using flexible and online means to deliver instruction to learners. However, in a study conducted by Delute and Ada (2020), it was revealed that students felt that their teachers were not prepared for this sudden shift in education. Since May, teachers have tried to arm themselves with the technological know-how and knowledge on the conduct of online classes by attending free webinars given by publishing companies such as Vibal Group, Abiva, and Rex, among others. While these webinars are helpful, they concentrated more on how classes can be conducted online instead of targeting how specific pedagogical strategies that can help the teachers in delivering their content. It is in these veins of thought that this extension project was conceptualized. This activity served as a response to the call for literature teachers to be more prepared for their classes.