Other Information

A. Academic Year

Batangas State University’s Academic Year has two regular semesters (first semester, August to December and second semester, (January to May) and summer (June to July).

B. Medium of Instruction

English is the primary medium of instruction used in the University

C. Living Accommodations  inside the University

Batangas State University has hostel and dormitories at the GPB Main Campus I, GPB Main Campus II and at BatStateU Nasugbu.

D. About the Philippines Climate

There are two seasons in the Philippines: Rainy season (June to October) and dry season (November to May).

FOR FOREIGN TRANSFER STUDENTS (Those coming from other universities)

  1. Must have earned at least 33 academic units or more.
  2. Must submit ALL grades in all subjects taken from previous schools universities
  3. Must meet the required GWA for the degree program he/she is applying for.
  4. Must submit his/her transcript of records for evaluation purposes.
  5.  Must fill out an application form
  6. Must pay the application fee of $20 (subject to change)
  7. Must submit two passport size photos 8. If with gap, please submit an affidavit of no enrollment during the semester/year that you did not enroll.

Meanwhile, the following are the requirements by the Bureau of Immigration:

For new applicants (Student Visa Conversion):

  1. National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) Clearance from the Bureau of Immigration
  2. Medical Certification from the Bureau of Quarantine
  3. National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
  4. Duly accomplished Personal Data Sheet
  5. Photocopy of Passport (Bio-page, latest arrival, latest admission with valid authorized stay and valid Bureau of Quarantine Clearance)
  6. Bureau of Immigration Clearance Certificate

For transferees (Student Visa Extension):

  1.  Commission on Higher Education Clearance Certificate
  2.  Honorable Dismissal or Certificate of Transfer from previous school
  3.  Photocopy of applicant’s ACR I-Card
  4. Bureau of Immigration Clearance Certificate
  5. Photocopy of Passport (Bio-page, and latest admission with valid authorized stay and visa implementation page)
  6. Barangay Clearance Certificate

Foreign students may be allowed to enroll if they have the following types of visa:

  1. 9 (f) – Student visa
  2. 9 (e), 9 (e-1) or 9 (e-2) – Foreign government official or dependent
  3. 47 (a) (2) – Exchange fellow or scholar sponsored by an international organization
  4. 9 (g) – Pre-arranged employment (Working visa/Missionary)
  5. PD 218 – Foreign investor
  6.  9 (d) – Treaty trader
  7. 13, 13 (a) to 13 (g) – Permanent resident
  8. SRRV – Special Resident Retiree Visa
  9. SIRV – Special Investor Resident Visa