Student Affairs and Services

  • Warmest greetings, dear students!

    Welcome to Batangas State University! Thank you for choosing the University that leads innovations and transforms lives. Being able to study in a dignified educational institution like BatStateU is a great opportunity.

    Our team in the Office of Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) is committed to helping the University achieve its vision to mold globally competent and value-laden citizens. We do this by providing non-academic services that support instruction. Our services are student-centered to ensure our primary clients’ overall welfare and development.

    Our OSAS staff is glad to be of service to you anytime. We have an efficient and caring workforce that is always ready to meet your needs.

    Do participate in student organization activities; avail of the University counseling and academic support services; and, grab opportunities that develop your self-awareness, creativity,communication skills, leadership and interpersonal skills towards your personal growth. Learn,be concerned, spend your time wisely, and have fun.

    See you around!


    Dr. Lucille D. Evangelista
    Director, OSAS