Resource Generation

The Batangas State University is committed to serve the needs of its students, faculty and staff and other members of the BatStateU community through identification of their needs and making these needs available for their convenience. Through the Resource Generation Office (RGO), headed by the Vice President for Administration and Finance, the University provides better services as well as University products to its community. It caters all purely business activities/ projects/ programs engaged in by the University. Its main function is to generate another means of income and enhance the financial capability of the University. It establishes linkages with the government and private organizations to further enhance the various business activities or affairs of the University. 

RGO provides quality and affordable school uniforms; books directly ordered from the author or authorized publisher to give the best and cheapest price; personal accident insurance at lowest cost to ensure that BatStateU students, faculty and staff are covered if an accident results to injury, hospitalization and death; improved spaces for canteen tenants to provide a wide variety of food choices at affordable price; innovative facilities to use for a very reasonable price; University shop that caters quality and affordable souvenirs and items; aromatic coffee shop that serves premium coffee and pastries at affordable price; and other businesses that provides the best service to the students and the University.

Landline number and email address
Landline: 980-0385/980-0387/980-0394 loc 1221 / 1130
Email Address:,
Facebook Page: Batangas State University Resource Generation Office