Material Testing and Calibration Center

General Mandate of the Center

The Material Testing and Calibration Center (MTCC) aims to be a premier BatStateU core facility that provides a variety of instrumentation for materials testing and calibration services in the region.

Programs, Activities, and Projects


  • Mechanical testing, thermal analysis, and microscopy services to various industrial materials such as polymers, metals, ceramics, and their composites.
  • Routine operation of calibration laboratory to carry out calibration services for industry clients
  • Workshop/in-house training on material testing and instrument calibration.
  • Development of new products and exploration of various strategies in modifying materials to help the industry adapt to environmental needs and societal effects.
  • Presentations and publications that engage the industry about the significant improvement for product development.


Equipment Available as a Shared Service Facility

Material Testing Laboratory (Mechanical Testing Section)

  • Hydraulic type universal testing machine for concrete and metals

Photos of the facility



Center Head, Material Testing & Calibration Center

Mobile: 09175905547


Address: 1F STEER Hub Bldg., Batangas State University -TNEU Alangilan Campus, Batangas City, Batangas, Philippines 4200