Abacan, Luzviminda An
Business Management, Economics, Business, Marketing

Abrea, Rowena R.
Management, related field

Aclan, Kareen C.
Physical therapy, Biological Science, Physical Activity, Health

Aguila, Diosa Marie M.
Solid Waste Management, Environmental Engineering, Acid Mine Drainage

Aloria, Michael A.
Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Management, Energy Sources and Utilization, Technology Management, Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Amante, Albertson D.
Control Systems, Game Theory, Wireless Sensor Networks, Technopreneurship, Digital Twins, Mixed Reality

Amorado, Aile T.
Engineering Mathematics, Operations Research, Process, systems improvement

Andal, Marjorie D.
Social Sciences

Ani, Teodorica G.
Business Administration, Agribusiness, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Business regulations

Aquino, Anania B.
Science Teaching, Educational Management, Teacher Education

Araos, Gloria L.

Asi, Leonna Marrien U.
Tourism, Hospitality Management, Presentation,Publication

Atienza, Roldan
Inquiry-based instruction, teacher education, laboratory skills development

Austria, leoven A.
Industrial Engineering, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Production Engineering

Bacay, Joel B.
Mathematics Education

Balazon, Francis G
Information Technology, Data Mining

Banaybanay, Jocelyn C.
Social Sciences, Education

Bañez, Richard M.
English Language Teaching, Educational Management

Bautista, Irish Giselle C.
Electronics, Instrumentation, Process Control, Technology Innovations, Inventions

Bay, Maria Christina E.
Nurse Lecturer in Professional Subjects, Health, Nutrition