Arts and Sciences

Academic programs under the Arts and Science uphold their scholarly tradition in instruction, research, and community service. Its Development Communication program, in particular, is a designated Center of Development by the Commission on Higher Education. Research conducted in these programs focus on natural sciences, languages, environment and biodiversity, mathematics, humanities, and the social sciences. 

Programs Offered

  •    Doctor of Philosophy in English major in Language and Literature
  •    Doctor of Philosophy in English
  •    Master of Arts in English major in Language and Literature
  •    Master of Science in Mathematics
  •    Master of Chemistry
  •    Master of Arts Development Studies
  •    Master of Science in Marine Biology
  •    Master of Development Communication
  •    Bachelor of Arts in English Language Studies
  •    Bachelor of Arts in Communication
  •    Bachelor of Science in Biology
  •    Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  •    Bachelor of Science in Criminology
  •    Bachelor of Science in Development Communication
  •    Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  •    Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  •    Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences


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