Procurement Office

The Procurement Office provides quality procurement services, aiding the University in fulfilling its mission and vision. It is tasked to select the best external providers and achieve the best over-all value for money. As such, it develops procurement strategies to aid the University in meeting its objectives. Additionally, it disseminates information on existing agreements and guidance on procurement procedures including legal obligations of the clientele. It also assists customers to work together to purchase from a filtered number of contracted external providers in order to create savings and eradicate needless costs; and cultivate improved external provider responsiveness and performance. 

As a department, it exhibits its indispensable role in the University by attending as a catalyst in providing the necessary help and advice on all aspects of goods or services procurement relative to the smooth day to day operations of the University as an academic institution. It is the unit responsible for the acquisition and the disbursement of funds for all goods and services for the University. 

Landline number and email address
(043) 980-0385 local 1230