BatStateU The NEU launches the Philippines’ NEED program to redefine the future of engineering education

BATANGAS CITY – On May 8, Batangas State University, The National Engineering University (BatStateU The NEU) launched the Philippines’ National Engineering Education Development (NEED) Program,  marking a transformative step forward in the advancement of engineering education in the Philippines. Positioned to significantly contribute to the development of highly skilled engineers and professionals who will drive...

Filipino engineering students from BatStateU secure 3rd place in the World Engineering Day Hackathon

Batangas State University, The National Engineering University (BatStateU), proudly announces the remarkable achievement of its BS Sanitary Engineering students at the World Engineering Day (WED) Hackathon on March 4. Amidst fierce competition from engineering talents worldwide, Team AdventURINE from BatStateU Alangilan Campus secured 3rd place, raising the flag of the Philippines high on the global...

Batangas State University unveils the Emilio Aguinaldo Building, a celebration of the University’s vision of excellence

Batangas State University, The National Engineering University (BatStateU), proudly inaugurated the 10-storey Higher Education Building, named the Emilio Aguinaldo Building, a towering landmark that stands as the tallest academic structure in the region. The ceremony, held on January 23, marked a significant milestone in the university’s commitment to academic excellence and innovation. The event welcomed...

BatStateU ascends to rank 300th globally in the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking

From its 351st rank in 2022 among 1050 higher education institutions (HEIs) across the globe, Batangas State University (BatStateU) enters the top 300 most sustainable universities among 1,183 universities worldwide in the 2023 UI GreenMetric World University Ranking. Initiated by Universitas Indonesia in 2010, this ranking evaluates universities worldwide based on their green campus initiatives...

BatStateU’s 6th IRCIEST converges global innovation leaders in engineering, science, and technology

BATANGAS CITY — Batangas State University, The National Engineering University successfully hosted the 6th International Research Conference on Innovations in Engineering, Science, and Technology (IRCIEST),  November 22-24. 6th IRCIEST  is a biennial conference organized and spearheaded by Batangas State University since 2013. Centered around the theme “Propelling Transformations and Accelerating Reforms through Research and Innovations,”...

Unveiling the Future of Transformative Learning: GUILd Summit 2023 Launches BatStateU Microcredentialing Program

BATANGAS CITY — On October 14, the “GUILd Summit 2023” set the stage for a pioneering era in transformative learning as Batangas State University (BatStateU), The Philippines’ National Engineering University, unveiled its Microcredentialing Program. This significant event, held in the spotlight of the GUILd Summit 2023, marks a paradigm shift in education and career development,...

Bridging the Gap: BatStateU Microcredentials Usher in the Future of Transformative Learning

In the ever-shifting job market landscape, the demand for specialized skills and knowledge has reached unprecedented heights. It’s a world where the traditional rules no longer apply.  To navigate this new reality, Batangas State University (BatStateU), in a groundbreaking collaboration with industry leaders, has introduced an educational innovation set to revolutionize career development: BatStateU Industry...

Forging the Future: GUILd Summit 2023 Ignites Synergy for National Development

Halfway to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) deadline, the United Nations (UN) issued a report in July 2022, highlighting an alarming trend of regression in various critical areas, including poverty alleviation, healthcare, education, and essential services due to external factors like COVID-19 and climate change. Nearly half of the 140 assessed SDG targets were...

Batangas State University’s Engineering Programs achieve Highest Re-Accreditation from Global Accreditor—EAC-ABET

BATANGAS CITY—Batangas State University (BatStateU), recognized as the Philippines’ National Engineering University, proudly announces that eight of its engineering programs have achieved the highest mark of re-accreditation from the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Based in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, ABET is a global accreditor for college and...

Batangas State University, The National Engineering University, soars high in the THE Impact Rankings 2023

On the heels of its recent recognition in the Top 100 Global Innovative Universities, Batangas State University, The National Engineering University secured a 601st-800th spot among 1,591 universities from 112 countries/regions in the Impact Rankings of the Times Higher Education (THE), released June 1, 2023. It emerged 4th highest-ranked University among universities in the Philippines....

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