Vibrant and Dynamic Campus Life

Vibrant and Dynamic Campus Life

Campus Life

We ensure that our students enjoy their stay in our campuses by providing an academic atmosphere that synergizes technical learning and exciting opportunities for holistic growth in various fields of interest.

With over 180 student organizations, including sports teams and cultural groups, we put premium not only to academic excellence but also to the physical well-being and cultural receptivity of the youth to nurture their passion for sports and the performing arts.

University Student Council
Supreme Student Council - Rosario
Supreme Student Council - ARASOF Nasugbu
Supreme Student Council - Lipa
Supreme Student Council - JPLPC Malvar
Supreme Student Council - Mabini
Supreme Student Council - San Juan
Supreme Student Council - Lemery
Supreme Student Council - Balayan
Supreme Student Council - Lobo

Lemery Campus Organizations
Invincible Council of Accountants and Managers
Sports and Cultural Club
Future Educators' Society
Association of Committed Computer Science Students
Organization of Bachelor of Industrial Technology Students

Lipa Campus Organizations
Poderoso Communicador Sociedad (PCS)
Junior Philippine Institute Of Industrial Engineers (JPIIE)
Alliance Of Industrial Technology Students (AITS)
Young People Management Association Of The Philippines (YPMAP)
Circle Of Psychology Students (COPS)
Junior Philippine Association Of Management Accountants (JPAMA)
Integrated Junior Executives (iJE)
College Of Accountancy Business And Economics (CABE)
Association Of College Of Arts And Sciences Students (ACASS)
College Of Informatics And Computing Sciences (CICS)

San Juan Campus Organizations
Teacher Education Students' Association (TESA)
Junior Council of Industrial Technology Students (JCITS)
Junior Marketing ASSOCIATION (JMA)
Sayaw Silangan Performing Group (SSPG)

Balayan Campus Organizations
Future Educators Association
Organization of BIT Students

Rosario Campus Organizations
Teacher Education Students' Association
Junior People Management Association of the Philippines - Rosario
Junior Financial Executives
Society of Aspiring Managers 2020
Association of Industrial Technology Students
UPright Marketing

Main I Campus Organizations
College Of Arts And Sciences Student Council
Teacher Education Student Council
CABEIHM Honors Society
Senior High School Student Councily
Integrated School Student Council
Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants BatStateU Chapter
Junior Marketing Executives BatStateU
Operations Management Guild
Spartan League Of Nurses
Student Broadcasters Of Development Communication
Society Of Development Communicators
Philippine Association Of Nutrition- Epsilon Sigma Chapter
Junior Philippine Association of Management Accountants- BatStateU Main 1
Teacher Education Society on Language and Communication - CTE BatStateU Main I
Future Elementary Mentors Society - FEMS
Chemical Society
Teacher Education Association of Mathematics and Science Students - TEAMS²
Association of Young Public Administrators / AYPA
Biology Major Students' Society
Junior Managers' Society
Batangas State University - Economics Society
Junior People Management Association Of The Philippines BatStateU
Young Entrepreneur Society
Psychology Students' Society
Union Of Notable Integrated Technology Students (UNITS)
Philippine Society Of Customs Administration Students (PSCAS) - Batangas State University Chapter
College Of Nursing And Allied Health Sciences
Differential Society Of Integrated Mathematicians
Future Hoteliers And Restaurateur Society

Malvar Campus Organizations
Alliance of Future Psychologists
College of Industrial Technology
Junior Marketing Association
Junior Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Association
Campus Connect
Association of Information Technology and Computer Science Students
Junior Financial Executives
Teacher Education Student Council

Focus BatStateU Camera Club
KAmera, kaMAy at kultuRA (KAMARA)
Sulambi Volunteers Organization- Student Auxiliary (Sulambi VOSA)
Service Centered Organization Upholding Transcendence Through Scouting

BatStateU SONS-
Christ's Youth in Action
Multi-Faith Ministry
Campus Gospel Light Bringers

The Office of Culture and Arts was established to cater to the different socio-cultural groups in the university and provide opportunities for the enhancement of talents and development of skills towards holistic development. CHED Memorandum Order No. 09 series of 2013 serves as a basis for the university's Culture and Arts program.

There are six cultural groups in the university: BatStateU Adlibitum Chorus, BatStateU Band, Diwayanis Dance Theatre, BatStateU Dance Company, Dulaang Batangan, and the BatStateU Rondalla. These groups are under specific training programs designed by professional trainers.

Training and rehearsals are conducted every Saturday and scheduled practices days, especially during competition season. The training programs are closely monitored by the Culture and Arts Office through the designated heads and coordinators. In addition, the performers attend workshops to further polish their skills.

BatStateU Ad Libitum Chorus
The Batangas State University Adlibitum Chorus is the official choir of the university main I campus. As one of the organizations under the Culture and Arts Department, it's vision is to promote philippine culture through the art form of choral singing, discover and develop not only innovators but promising talents in Batangas City.

Facebook page: Batangas State University Ad Libitum Chorus

  • Here are the org's achievements and awards under its Conductor and Trainor Ms. Marivic H. Llamas
  • 3rd Place Choir Category BSU Culture and Arts InterCampus Competitions
  • Champion Choir Category BSU Culture and Arts InterCampus Competitions
  • 4th Place Mixed Choir Category STRASUC Culture and Arts Festival and Competitions
  • 2nd Place Treble Voices Category Patimpalak Parangal Kay Apolinario Mabini
  • Champion Solo Kundiman Category STRASUC Culture and Arts Festival and Competitions
  • 4th runner up Mixed Choir Category PASUC Culture and Arts Festival and Competitions
  • 3rd Place Solo Kundiman Category Patimpalak Parangal Kay Apolinario Mabini
  • 2nd Place Mixed Choir Category STRASUC Culture and Arts Festival and Competitions
  • Champion Solo Kundiman Category STRASUC Culture and Arts Festival and Competitions
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BatStateU Band
Batangas State University Band have always been true to its goal of creating music that inspires people. This group is founded few years ago and is still continuing its objective of helping students reach their fullest potential as an artist. This group is composed of vocalists, bassists, guitarists, keyboardists, drummers and a violinist. The instructor of Batangas State University Band is Mr. Xavier Villena, he has been part of the university for several years now and is still serving the university by guiding the Batangas State University Band Members.

Facebook page: Batangas State University Band

  • Cuta Looban Battle of the Bands (Champion)
  • Batangas City Day Battle of the Bands (Participant)
  • STRASUC Battle of the Bands (4th place)
  • Intercampus Battle of the Bands (Champion)
  • Intercampus Battle of the Bands (Champion)
  • STRASUC Battle of the Bands (4th place)
  • PASUC Battle o the Bands (Participant)
  • STRASUC Battle of the Bands (Champion)
  • Batangas City Battle of the Bands (3rd place)
  • Rocktober Fest (3rd place, People's Choice Award)
  • 2015 Charterweek Intercampus Battle of the Bands (2nd place)
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BatStateU Dance Company
The Batangas State University Dance Company was born in 1991 and is the official modern dance group of the university. It specializes in different genres of dance such as jazz, hiphop, urban, contemporary and dance sports. Highly trains not just talented students but academically inclined individuals. We continue the legacy of being one of the prides of the university.

Contact number: +63 945 145 9428
Facebook page: BatStateU Dance Company

  • Regional STRASUC, Contemporary (1st Runner Up)
    2019 – Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan
  • Regional STRASUC Contemporary (1st Runner Up)
    2018 - Laguna
  • USCAA Cheerdance (1st Runner Up)
    2018 – Batangas City
  • Regional STRASUC, Contemporary (4th Runner Up)
    2017 - Marinduque
  • Regional STRASUC, Hiphop, (2nd Runner Up)
    2017 - Marinduque
  • USCAA Cheerdancem, (1st Runner Up)
    2017 – Batangas City
  • Regional STRASUC, Contemporary (3rd Runner Up)
    2016- Lucban, Quezon
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition, (3rd Runner Up)
    2016 – Batangas City
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (3rd Runner Up)
    2015 – Batangas City
  • Regional STRASUC, Contemporary (1st Runner Up)
    2014 - Cavite
  • Showtime Intertown Edition Abs Cbn (Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Winner)
    2012 - Manila
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (Champion)
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (1st Runner Up)
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (1st Runner Up)
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (Champion)
  • SCUAA Dancesport Competition - Latin (2nd Runner Up)
    2008 - Romblon
  • SCUAA Dancesport Competition – Standard (3rd Runner Up)
    2008 - Romblon
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (Champion)
  • Kotex Cool Groove (Champion)
    2006 - Lipa
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition, (1st Runner Up)
  • National E Club @ Studio 23 (Champion)
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (1st Runner Up)
  • Penshoppe Dance Slam (Champion)
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (2nd Runner Up)
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (Champion)
  • National Green Cross Funky Dance Competition (Bronze Award)
    2003 – Manila
  • Globe Gentext Dance Invasion (Champion)
    2003 - Lipa
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (2nd Runner Up)
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (Champion)
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (Champion)
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (1st Runner Up)
  • CCYA Modern Dance Competition (Champion)

BatStateU Diwayanis Dance Theater
The BatStateU Diwayanis Dance Theatre was formerly known as “Folkloric Performing Arts” of Pablo Borbon Memorial Institute of Technology. It was established and organized last 2002 headed by Asst. Prof. Normelinda M. Arias and trained by the late Mr. Francis Arce in attempt of preserving and sharing Philippine cultural heritage in the dance art forms among the youth of Batangas Province.

 Year 2011, the organization was renamed as the BatStateU Diwayanis Dance Theatre exclusive for college students to compete and join several competitions, celebrations which gain awards and recognitions with the supervision of Engr. Jojo V. Conti together with Asst. Prof Normelinda Arias. 

Diwayanis, a school-based organization, was derived from two tagalog words “Diwata” which is said to be the guardian or the protector of the forest and “Bayani” a person who possesses great courage and remarkable strength to protect his people and his country, two words that defines and symbolizes the bravery and beauty of the people who nurtures and values the richness of our country. 

The Diwayanis Dance Theatre shares their talent to every members of the group to preserve and showcase the potential of every individual through performing newly learned dances through every school activity, intermissions and even competitions. They are not just performing inside the University but even outside of the vicinity of the school. Diwayanis improves a person’s confidence by giving them the exposure, the knowledge, thoughts and even experiences, which opens every member’s mind and thought that we should always dance not just by using only our feet, smile and movement that is only memorized, we should never forget the heart and the reason why we are dancing. Because of the bond that was strongly built by every member, the outcome of every performance even the smallest and shortest dance will always bring perfection and touches the audience’s heart.

Facebook page: BatStateU Diwayanis Dance Theatre

  • Pista alay kay Apolinario Mabini (Collegiate) "Komintang" (Champion)
  • Sublian 2018 (Collegiate) "Talumpok" (Champion)
  • Sublian 2018 (Community) "Sinala" (Champion)
  • STRASUC 2018 Folk dance "Jota Bal" (3rd Place)
  • Pista alay kay Apolinario Mabini (Collegiate) "Alitaptap" (Champion)
  • Sublian 2019 (Collegiate) "Talumpok" (3rd Place)
  • Sublian 2019 (Community) "Sinala" (2nd Place)
  • STRASUC 2019 Folk dance "Pasigin" (Champion)
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BatStateU Dulaang Batangan
The BatStateU-Dulaang Batangan is an artistic collegiate student group founded by Mr. Mark Emmanuel S. Magsino in 2015 and was recognized as the official theater organization of Batangas State University. It aims to widen the knowledge of its members on subjects concerning theatrical productions, artistic exploration and drama studies. It also envisions to uplift the level of local theatre into a higher spectrum.

Facebook page:Batstateu - Dulaang Batangan

  • Tumba-Tumba (STRASUC 2016 Champion)
  • Tumba-Tumba (PASUC 2016 Champion)
  • Rizal Is My President (Best Cultural Activity 2017)
  • Halukipkip (STRASUC 2017 2nd Palce)
  • Boatless Badjao (STRASUC 2018 2nd Place)
  • Butil (STRASUC 2019 3rd Place)
  • Forever And Ever - The Musical (STRASUC 2018 Champion)
  • Sta. Cruz Ng Sinala - The Musical (STRASUC 2019 3rd Place)
  • Balintataw Champion (2017 - 2018)
  • Created And Formed Community Theater Named: Teatro De Juan, Teatro De Talahib And Teatro De San Pedro
  • Two-Time Champion In Dswd Regional Community Theater Development Contest
  • Consistently Winning Regional STRASUC Culture And Arts Festival
  • The Only Undisputed Theater Group Among Region Iv-A Who Bagged National Champion In The PASUC Culture And Arts Festival
  • NCCA Accredited
  • 2016 STRASUC And PASUC Champion
  • 2017 STRASUC 1st Runner Up
  • 2018 STRASUC - Short And Sweet Play (Dialogue) 2nd Place
  • 2019 STRASUC - Short And Sweet Play (Dialogue) 3rd Place
  • 2016 Gawad Pablo Borbon Excellent Award As An Org
  • 2017 Gawad Pablo Borbon Excellent Award As An Org

BatStateU Rondalla
BatStateU Rondalla is one of the cultural group of Batangas State University that aims to develop talents and potential skills of the students when it comes to playing rondalla instruments. It was established by Mr. Nelson G. Espejo, together with Ms. Abegail A. Pasia with the help of Culture and Arts office.

  • Musikahan sa Tagum (Second Runner Up)
    March 2019
  • National Music Competition for Young Artist known as NAMCYA (Finalist)

The Office of Sports Development Program is one of the disciplines which is under the direction of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. It is also one of the offices concerned with the support to students specifically in the areas of sports. As such, it provides leadership among sports coordinators, heads, coaches, officials, athletes and students during sports activities and in participation in local, regional, national and international meets and sports competitions. It also aims to establish linkages with different associations to improve the sport development programs of the university. The Office of Sports Development Program supports the University’s vision and mission of academic excellence. It is working hand and hand with the University in serving not only the BatStateU community but also to other stakeholders. To achieve the philosophy and the implementation of the Sports Development Program action plan, the continuous support of the university, in terms of funding of facilities, equipment, supplies, materials, recruitment, training, competitions, presentations and uniforms, is sought for. Furthermore, it seeks the assistance of the Budget Office to allocate funds for the different activities of the Sports Development Program.

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Laurelian Sepaktakraw Association, Inc. (LASETA, Inc.)
Laurelian Sepaktakraw Association, Inc. (LASETA,Inc.) is a SEC registered organization and an active sports club of BatStateUJPLPC-Malvar. This organization was based from the word “Lanseta” or knife which is one of the trademarks of Batangueños. This was founded last 2014 by the former athlete and now the Head Coach of Sepaktaktaw Team of BatStateU Dr. Teejay D. Panganiban with the guidance and support of the currently head of sports development program of JPLPC-Malvar Mr. Michael San Miguel and the Director of Sports Development Program of the BatStateU system Dr. Francisco V. Aguirre. This sports club is also a member of Pilipinas SepakTakraw League.

  • STRASUC OLYMPICS 2019 (Silver)
  • NATIONAL SCUAA 2019 (4th place)
  • STRASUC Olympics 2018 (Gold)
  • NATIONAL SCUSAA 2018 (Bronze)
  • STRASUC OLYMPICS 2017 (Silver)
  • NATIONAL SCUAA 2017 (Qualifier)
  • STRASUC Olympics 2016 (Silver)
  • NATIONAL SCUAA 2016 (Qualifier)
  • STRASUC Olympics 2015 (Silver)
  • NATIONAL SCUAA 2015 (5th place)
  • STRASUC Olympics 2014 (Gold)
  • Sipaan sa Malvar 2016 at Malvar Batangas - (Gold)
  • PNG 2015 - (5th placer)
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Barako Spikers
Passion and Perseverance has always drive the team and players to fight for glory and power. This group is founded on the year 2016 and still continuing to give honor to school. This group is composed of physically fit student who served not only in the court but also extend it's help to different various organization. The instructor/coach of Batangas State University Mens Volleyball Team is Mr. Henry Mensoza and Assistant coaches, both of them has been part of the volleyball team for several years now and is still serving the university by guiding the Batangas State University future volleyball player.

  • STRASUC OLYMPICS 2019 (Bronze)
  • USCAA 2019 (Silver)
  • STRASUC Olympics 2018 (Silver)
  • USCAA 2018 (Silver)
  • STRASUC OLYMPICS 2017 (Gold)
  • NATIONAL SCUAA 2017 (Qualifier)
  • USCAA 2017 (Silver)
  • STRASUC Olympics 2016 (Silver)
  • USCAA 2016 (Silver)
  • NATIONAL SCUAA 2016 (Qualifier)
  • STRASUC Olympics 2015 (Gold)
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BatState-U Futsal Club
BatStateU Futsal Club had identified Futsal as the training tool to be used during the 2017 in school gymnasiums. This resource is designed to assist all the clubs coaches in designing a training and competition program for your age group. Previous futsal programs in the club were well intentioned, but disjointed and fragmented. By using this resource, the club will have a consistent program for all applicable age groups. All club Coaches are expected to deliver this futsal program whenever their programs are using a gymnasium.

  • Regional STRASUC Competitions
    • Regional STRASUC Competitions
    • 2019 – 5TH Place
    • 2018-4th Place
    • 2017-2nd place
    • 2016-1st place
  • National SCUAA Competitions
    • 2019 – Qualifier
    • March 20, 2019 Angarra Cup -Champion- Womens Division
    • February 8, 2019 Canossa Cup- Champion-Womens Division
    • August 4, 2019-2nd place Futsal Club of Sta. Cruz Laguna Womens Division
    • January 13,2020- first place- KLL tournament- Mens Division
    • January 14,2020- 2nd place- KLL tournament-Women Division
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Karate-do Red Spartans
The Karate-do Red Spartans was established on April 2015 under chief instructor, Sensei Dennis B. Espina under the supervision of Dr. Francisco V. Aguirre, the Sports Director of the University. In Batangas State University, PKL – Red Spartans is one of its branches that aims to teach karate in accordance with the discipline and principle of karate-do like honor, loyalty, integrity, unity and humility. It provides students the right knowledge of legitimate karate styles with mental and physical strength and self-confidence. We constantly strive to learn, share and experience karate as a family. Year 2016 the BatStateU-Integrated School Karate-do players became part of the club

  • STRASUC OLYMPICS, majority of our athletes participated in the Regional won Gold medals
  • NATIONAL SCUAA, several times our athletes won the Over-all championship
  • We have numerous number of participation in the different International, National, Regional and Local Competition and majority of the players compete on the different championship category won the Gold including our players from the Integrated School events