Batangas State University partners with University of Wolverhampton for Implementation of DOST – British Council Newton Fund Research Linkages Grant

Batangas State University and University of Wolverhampton, spearheaded by President Tirso A. Ronquillo and Prof. Chaminda Pathirage finally kicked off the activities for the DOST-British Council Newton Fund Grant for Researcher Linkages. 

The research linkage will be in a form of workshop with the theme: “Developing Smart Environmental Resilience Solutions for Coastal areas in the Philippines: Susceptibility, Adaptation and Mitigation Measures: SEACAP.” This research linkage workshop will convene local stakeholders and academic professionals in developing significant and innovative strategies, technologies and approaches towards environmental resilience of the coastal communities in the Philippines. 

SEACAP will serve as a platform for both experts from the UK and Philippines to better interpret and adapt environmental resilience in coastal communities as well as understand the culture, practices, needs and limitations in developing coastal resilience. The 5-day scientific workshop aims to gather researchers of various disciplines interested in helping the Philippines become environmentally resilient on disaster and degradation of natural resources. Senior and Early Career Researchers (ECRs), from both the UK and the Philippines, from various disciplines such as environmental and coastal engineering, communication and information systems, big data data, internet of things and built environment are the intended audience. It will help strengthen the capacity of local participants in realizing the relevance of emerging technologies in environmental resilience. It will also provide a good opportunity to develop multidisciplinary approaches for effective environmental resilience management of coastal communities.

For further details of this research linkage, you may visit the SEACAP webpage.

Reference pages from British Council Website

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