Administration Services

The Administration Services Unit facilitates the implementation of laws, policies, plans, programs, rules and regulations in the area of human resource management; records management; property and supply management; and procurement in carrying out the service mandates. The offices of the Unit ensure that transactions in these areas are compliant to rules embodied in circulars, memoranda and issuances of the national government, regulatory bodies and the University. 

Ensuring that all deliverables are accomplished, the Administration Services supervise performance of tasks and functions of the Human Resource Management Office, Records Management Office, Property and Supply Management Office, and Procurement Office. 

The Human Resource Management Office performs human resource responsibilities relative to recruitment selection and placement; learning and development; rewards and recognition; and performance management and ensures that the University appropriately builds and inspires employee empowerment

Records Management Office performs systematic and administrative control of records; ensures efficiency, consistency and uniformity of records management in terms of access, confidentiality and security; and complies with the rules and regulations that govern the management of public records.

Property and Supply Management Office manages, utilizes and safeguards all the properties and supplies against loss and wastage in accordance with the existing rules and regulations of the University to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services to internal and external clients.

Procurement Office procures best quality goods and services; reviews the accuracy and completeness of all documents pertaining to procurement transactions; and ensures effective and efficient management of procurement processes and procedures of the University

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