Welcome to the
College of Informatics and
Computing Sciences

   The college is housed at the building of Information and Communication Technology Center, Gov. Pablo Borbon Main Campus II, AlangilanBatangas City

  In the college the students acquire knowledge through the instruction of able and qualified instructors and professors; students polish their skills in the¬†laboratory; theories of mathematics and sciences are applied to the real world with the aid of technology.

Academic Calendar

January 20 (Mon) Start of Classes (Second Semester 2019-2020)
February 7(Fri) Date of Graduation (First Semester 2019-2020)
Feb 12,13 and 14 (Wed-Fri) Preliminary Examinations
Mar 11,12 and 13 (Wed-Fri) Midterm Examinations
Mar 23-28 (Mon-Sat) Foundation Week, Intramurals and Charter Day
April 15,16 and 17 (Wed-Fri) Semi-Final Examinations
May  13,14 and 15 (Wed-Fri) Final Examinations (Graduating Students)
May 20,21 and 22 (Wed-Fri) Final Examinations (Non-Graduating Students)
May 23 (Sat) End of Classes
May 25 (Mon) Start of Semestral Break
May 22-22 (Wed-Fri) Submission of Grades (Graduating Students)
May 23-25 (Thu-Sat) Submission of Grades (Non-Graduating Students)
May 29 (Fri) Local Deliberation (Graduating Students)
June 5 (Fri) Academic Council Meeting
June 22-26 Tentative Dates of Graduation (5 days)