Aloria, Michael A.
Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Management, Energy Sources and Utilization, Technology Management, Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Balazon, Francis G
Information Technology, Data Mining

Bautista, Irish Giselle C.
Electronics, Instrumentation, Process Control, Technology Innovations, Inventions

Blanca, Virginia A.
Electronics Technology, Technology Area

Bucad, Maria Graciela R.
Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Software Systems Engineering, Software Modelling, Applied Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Human Machine Interface

Cabrera,Shirley G.
Food Science, Technology, Food processing, Food Engineering, Food Safety

Castillo, Jean Karla M.
Computer Engineering, Computer, Technology, Education

De Jesus, Noelyn M.
Information Technology, Management Information System, Database Management System, Web Development

Elenor M. Reyes
Power System Analysis and Design, Electrical Engineering Design, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Energy Storage, Energy Audit, Electric Vehicle, Nanotechnology

Geneta, Philip D.
Education, Environment, Engineering, Technology

Gequinto Amado C.
Education , Management and Technology

Gutierrez, Elisa D.
Biotechnology, Biofuel, Envi Engg, Material Science

Lat, Mark Anthony C.
Food Science, Technology, Functional Food, Seaweed Food Utilization, Optimization In Product Development

Magnaye, Rejie C.
Chemical Engineering, Wastewater Management Technology and Biofuel

Marianne M. Custodio
Business Management, Administration; Agribusiness; Technology and Livelihood Education, My research interests lie in the field of technology and livelihood education, specifically in food and nutrition, food safety, food waste management, consumer education.

Mendez, Celinne A.
Computer, Technology

Miguel Enrique Ma. Azcuna
Marine Science, Marine Biotechnology, Coral Reef Ecology, Marine Natural Products, Aquaculture

Montalbo, Sherryl A.
Chemistry, Science Education, Educational Technology

Rula, Najeen Arabelle M.
Marine Biology, Seaweed Culture and Management, Seaweed and Seagrass Ecology, Biodiversity, Physiology, Culture Technology Development, Marine science

Valera, Jovy Ann P.
Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Marine Molecular Biology, Sea Cucumber Culture, Biology, Population Genetics,