Amante, Albertson D.
Control Systems, Game Theory, Wireless Sensor Networks, Technopreneurship, Digital Twins, Mixed Reality

Amorado, Aile T.
Engineering Mathematics, Operations Research, Process, systems improvement

Bucad, Maria Graciela R.
Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Software Systems Engineering, Software Modelling, Applied Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Human Machine Interface

Chua, Antonette V.
Electronics Circuits, Systems Analysis, Signal Processing, Fundamentals of Communications System, Routing, Switching, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Signal Processing, Mixed Reality Technologies

Divina Gracia Ronquillo
Mechatronics Systems, Undergraduate and Graduate Research Management, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Systems, Controls, Engineering Education – Teaching, Learning, Assessments, Accreditation

Eva L. Ilagan
Farming Systems, Organic agriculture, animal, crop farming systems

Francis Jesmar P. Montalbo
Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, Supervised Machine Learning, Ensemble Learning Methods, Generative Models, Data Science, Computer Vision Systems

Godoy, Michael C.
Industrial Engineering, Ergonomics, Production Systems, Quality Management

Peralta, Janice F.
Machine Learning, Control Systems, Networking

Salac, Djoanna Marie V.
Computer Networking, Systems Development, Analytics, Networking

Sangalang, Ralph Gerard B.
Microelectronics, Control Systems, Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits, Low-Power Circuits, Fractional Systems, Linear and Non-Linear Controller Design