Aguila, Diosa Marie M.
Solid Waste Management, Environmental Engineering, Acid Mine Drainage

Aloria, Michael A.
Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Management, Energy Sources and Utilization, Technology Management, Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Amorado, Aile T.
Engineering Mathematics, Operations Research, Process, systems improvement

Austria, leoven A.
Industrial Engineering, Human Factors and Ergonomics, Production Engineering

Bucad, Maria Graciela R.
Computer Sciences, Information Technology, Software Systems Engineering, Software Modelling, Applied Logic, Artificial Intelligence, Human Machine Interface

Cabaces, Donnalyn C.
Mechanical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Energy Engineering, Environmental Engineering, energy and environment

Cabrera,Shirley G.
Food Science, Technology, Food processing, Food Engineering, Food Safety

Castillo, Jean Karla M.
Computer Engineering, Computer, Technology, Education

Danica Marie Mercado
Sanitary Engineering, Environment, Air Quality, Water Management

Dimailig, Oliver S.
Civil Engineering, Construction Materials Development, Construction Project Management

Divina Gracia Ronquillo
Mechatronics Systems, Undergraduate and Graduate Research Management, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Systems, Controls, Engineering Education – Teaching, Learning, Assessments, Accreditation

Elenor M. Reyes
Power System Analysis and Design, Electrical Engineering Design, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Energy Storage, Energy Audit, Electric Vehicle, Nanotechnology

Ernesto C. Magundayao
Structural Engineering, Construction Materials, Environmental Engineering, Sustainable Development

Geneta, Philip D.
Education, Environment, Engineering, Technology

Godoy, Michael C.
Industrial Engineering, Ergonomics, Production Systems, Quality Management

Magnaye, Rejie C.
Chemical Engineering, Wastewater Management Technology and Biofuel

Magundayao, Eufronia M.
Chemistry, Environmental Science, Environmental Science, Engineering Materials

Maulion, Rhonalyn V.
Chemical Engineering, Nanomaterials, Wastewater treatment

Persincula, Mary Rose F.
Chemical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Environmental Treatment Technologies, Nanomaterial, Reactor Design

Rosales, Cristina Amor M.
Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Non-Destructive Testing for Pavement, Soil Engineering Characterization, Atmospheric Monitoring, Urban Water Management, Data Science, Transportation Management, Disaster Resiliency Management