Aloria, Michael A.
Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Management, Energy Sources and Utilization, Technology Management, Quality Assurance in Higher Education

Aquino, Anania B.
Science Teaching, Educational Management, Teacher Education

Bacay, Joel B.
Mathematics Education

Banaybanay, Jocelyn C.
Social Sciences, Education

Bañez, Richard M.
English Language Teaching, Educational Management

Bersoto, Myra A.
Guidance, Counseling, Psychology, Education, Social Sciences, Education

Caringal, Maria Lucia A.
Mathematics, Computing, Math Education

Castillo, Jean Karla M.
Computer Engineering, Computer, Technology, Education

Castillo, Romer C.
Mathematics, Number Theory, Probability and Statistics, Mathematics Education, Data Science, Quantitative Research in Education and Social Sciences

Comia, Rosalinda M.
Computer, Educational Management

Comia, Samuel G.
General Education, Social Science

Divina Gracia Ronquillo
Mechatronics Systems, Undergraduate and Graduate Research Management, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Systems, Controls, Engineering Education – Teaching, Learning, Assessments, Accreditation

Evangelio, Angelito Alexis A.

Flores, Imelda M.
Mathematics Education, Educational Management

Garcia, Persius M.
Industrial Arts, Education

Gayeta, Norrie E.
Science Education

Geneta, Philip D.
Education, Environment, Engineering, Technology

Gequinto Amado C.
Education , Management and Technology

Geron, Antonette T.
Science Education, Biology

Gonzales, Abegail L.
Biology, Environmental Science, Science Education