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    The Registrar’s Office serves the University system in terms of academic records, registration, degree certification and transfer evaluation. It creates, maintains, certifies and protects the University records of courses, degrees and students. It also meets the University’s vision and mission by providing effective, systematic and quality services to students in all levels of discipline through prompt action to their needs. The Office is committed to serve willingly, innovatively and diligently.


    University Registrar


  • Goal

    To provide effective, efficient, systematic and quality services to students in all levels of discipline through prompt action to their needs by serving them through willingness to work constructively, innovatively and diligently with commitment in the achievement of the university’s goals and national aspirations.

    Functions, Duties and Responsibilities

    In-Charge of Registration/Enrolment

    1. Prepares enrolment paraphernalia.
    2. Coordinates admission and enrolment of new students.
    3. Reviews, checks, and verifies authenticity of submitted credentials of new students.
    4. Requests for Form 137A and Transcript of Records of newly admitted students.
    5. Arranges and files credentials of new students.

    In-Charge of Records/Evaluators

    1. Prepares individual student records.
    2. Assists in the enrollment of students.
    3. Updates regularly student records.
    4. Reconstruct lost or missing records or files.
    5. Advises the student on curricular program, enrolment & subject loads.
    6. Evaluates student records as to curricular level, scholastic standing, graduation, etc.
    7. Evaluates subjects and credits earned in other schools.
    8. Assists in the enforcement of academic policies and regulations.
    9. Informs the students of their course / subject deficiency.
    10. Makes follow-up request for records of new students in previous institution.
    11. Assists in graduation activities.
    12. Checks and verifies prepared Transcript of Records and certifications.
    13. Classifies, arranges, files and stores current records and files.
    14. Manages, accounts, controls, and maintains students’ records.
    15. Secures integrity and confidentiality of students’ records.

    In-Charge of Records (Secondary)

    1. Prepares and issues Form 137A and certifications for secondary students.
    2. Assist in the graduation activities of the Secondary students.
    3. Prepares enrolment list and statistics of secondary students.
    4. Prepares list of candidates for graduation.
    5. Keeps and maintains all secondary records, past and present.
    6. Manages, accounts, controls and maintains students’ records.
    7. Secures integrity and confidentiality of students’ records.

    In-Charge of Requests

    1. Accommodates, receives, processes, and releases requests for transcripts of records, certifications, transfer credentials and other academic records.
    2. Attends to prompt compliance and release of requested records and other information.
    3. Keeps a daily record of all incoming and outgoing records.
    4. Prepares and generates requested academic records.
    5. Prepares various Registrar’s forms and enrolment paraphernalia.
    6. Maintains logbooks for recording of incoming requests for academic records and their releases.
    7. Secures integrity and confidentiality of students’ records.

    Records Keeper

    1. Takes charge of the maintenance of the records.
    2. Classifies, arranges, files, and stores inactive and graduated students’ records and files.
    3. Keeps a recording of records and files.
    4. Retrieves and files records.
    5. Stores records immediately and very carefully.
    6. Manages, accounts, controls and maintains students’ records.
    7. Secures the integrity and confidentiality of students’ records.


    Admission and Enrolment

    • Examine credentials of freshman students in all courses offered by the University
    • Determine and evaluate subject loads, credits earned and subject sequences of old students, transferees and shifters
    • Encode students’ registration forms
    • Sort out students’ registration forms by program and gender
    • Prepare Enrollment Master List for CHED and other offices
    • Post important dates and venues, fees and other matters relative to smooth enrollment transaction



    • Implement effectively graduation requirements in all campuses
    • Evaluate subjects and credits earned of candidates for graduation
    • Prepare the list of candidates for graduation by program and gender for approval by the Academic Council
    • Proofread the list of candidates for graduation by program and gender
    • Attend to needs relative to graduation such as printing of diplomas, putting of candidates name in diploma jackets, etc.


    General Administration

    • Authenticate school records and diplomas
    • Verify records and answer inquiries of different local and foreign agencies
    • Implement proper use, maintenance, control and safekeeping of properties and equipment
    • Address efficiently and effectively requests for lost or missing records
    • Respond to requests for updated data of enrolment and graduates of different agencies and establishments.
    • Request needed supplies and materials for utilization of the Registrar’s Office
    • Check and record transcript of records, certifications and authentications
    • Prepare requested reports by offices and agenciesSigned all requested documents, reports and memorandum.

    Other Work-related Activities

    • Attend monthly meeting of Registrar’s Personnel
    • Train the newly hired personnel
    • Prepare and submit the Annual Procurement Plan
    • Authenticate records of SCUAA players
    • Represent the Registrar’s Office in all meetings and conferences of the University and other related organizations outside the University
    • Prepare the Collegiate Calendar, request letters, and memoranda for submissions and approval
    • Send the Registrar’s Office personnel to trainings and seminars
    • Attend to team building/staff development activities
    • Revise old certifications to address clients’ needs in consonance with the present CHED policies and standards
    • Hold meetings with the staff of the different campus for excellent service
    • Recommend Job Order Personnel to be rehired and train them to obtain their maximum service


    Enrollment Period



    Graduation Exercises Preparation


    Annual Procurement Plan Preparation


    Academic Council Meeting


    Registrar’s Forum


    Christmas Party