Records Management Office

  • Fevronia M. Soriano

    Mrs.  Belinda B. Ebora
    OIC Assistant Director

    Records Management Office

  • Function

    A sound records management system of the University is the key to its effective and efficient delivery of services. The main function of the Records Management Office is to keep and safeguard records and documents of the University like land titles, deed of donations, building plans, internal and external memos, minutes of Board of Regents (BOR) meetings to name of few and authentication of the same as the need arises.


    Duties and Responsibilities

    Assistant Director, Records Management Office

    • Regular maintenance and filing of records/documents like those of retired, resigned and separated personnel of the university for ready reference and issuance of the same to requesting office and/or personnel.
    • Authentication/certification of official records/documents of the university and issuance of the same as the need arises.
    • Authentication/certification of documents of faculty members for NBC 461 evaluation on a regular cycle or for promotion based on local evaluation using the NBC 461 instrument to insure the reliability of the promotion process.
    • Receiving incoming and outgoing memos and circulars and disseminate the same if necessary.
    • Immediate dispatch and distribution of mails from the Philippine Postal Service to offices/departments, faculty members and employees of the university.
    • Preparing and submitting the annual procurement plan of the office every beginning of the fiscal year.
    • Preparing and submitting the annual accomplishment reports of the office/unit every end of the fiscal year.
    • As designated Agency Authorized Officer of the University as regards the GSIS Electronic filing/approval of loan applications and crediting of loan proceeds through the GSIS Electronic Online System (GEOS). The person-in-charge evaluates, checks and approves the different types of GSIS loans applied and availed of concerned BSU personnel. Follow up on the status of loans are done thru e-mail and personal discussion with the GSIS personnel more so with the manager and other official concerned if necessary.