Accountancy, Business, and International Hospitality

These programs are the second most sought-after programs after engineering. The university has been a prominent producer of licensed professionals in accountancy and customs administration, as well as world-class graduates in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, management accounting, hospitality and tourism management, public administration, and disaster risk management. 

Programs Offered

  •    Doctor of Business Administration
  •    Doctor of Public Administration
  •    Master of Business Administration
  •    Master of Public Administration
  •    Master in Disaster Risk Management
  •    Master in Port Management
  •    Master in Supply Chain Management
  •    Diploma in Disaster Risk Management (Non-Degree)
  •    Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  •    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration:
    • Major in Business Economics
    • Major in Financial Management
    • Major in Human Resource Management
    • Major in Marketing Management
    • Major in Operations Management
  •    Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
  •    Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
  •    Bachelor in Public Administration
  •    Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration
  •    Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

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