• acordaAcademic Year 2008-2009 has been an extremely challenging yet productive year for the Batangas State University (BSU) – Satellite Campus in Lipa City.

    Whether in keeping update on new innovations in technology through faculty development seminars and trainings, organizing educational activities for the students, or revising and improving different program curricula, we continue to seek ways to work in partnership with industry, other educational institutions, community service providers and government agencies in efforts to address the University’s diversified needs.

    On behalf of all the Associate Deans, Coordinators and members of the Faculty and Staff of Lipa City Campus, we look forward to continuing our work with purpose and determination and facing the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the benefit of our clientele- the students.

    Dr. Expedito V. Acorda
    Executive Director

  • Lipa City Campus continued its growth in terms of academic productivity in 2008 when compared with previous years. It has also made some significant progress in interdisciplinary teaching and research, interdepartmental efforts, and some infrastructure improvements despite significant declining funding in the form of operating budget of the University. Those shortcomings have partially offset with fundraising efforts through infrastructure developments with members of Congress representing District IV. New initiatives such as local and international collaboration with other universities and agencies should expand further the horizons for District IV and the University as a whole.


    In year 2000, the Lipa City Government and BSU established a consortium to put up a satellite campus in the City. The consortium aimed to serve the youth of Lipa as well as those of its neighboring town with a holistic and multi-level education aimed at promoting technological excellence. Stewardship of the Campus was vested to Dr. Nora Lumbera Magnaye, former BSU College Registrar and Graduate School Faculty. She was designated as Administrator and Dean of Lipa City Campus.

    After eight years of existence, Lipa City Campus has achieved a lot in terms of administrative management, instruction, student activities, research, and extension services. More importantly, it is with great pride and honor to claim an important achievement for the Campus: Dr. Nora Lumbera Magnaye is now the University President!

    Administrative Operations

    When Dr. Magnaye assumed office as University President, she designated Dr. Leonila V. Antonio as Executive Director of District IV Campuses. For the Second Semester of AY 2008-09, Engr. Michael C. Godoy of the College of Engineering & Computing Sciences, Miss Leila P. Lagmay of the College of Arts & Sciences, Mr. Sandy M. Gonzales of the School of Accountancy, Business and Economics, and Prof. Aureo G. Madrid of the College of Industrial Technology and Education were locally appointed as Associate Deans of their respective Colleges. Engr. Roderick A. Cabael was appointed as Coordinator of Student Affairs.


    The different course curricula offered in the Campus were reviewed and revised to keep abreast with the fast-paced technological developments. To strengthen its academic function, the Campus acquired more instructional facilities and other resources.

    With the end in view of sustaining quality instruction and uplifting the level of education, some of the faculty members have finished their master’s degrees while majority are currently enrolled in different graduate programs.

    Insfrastructure Development and Improvement

    For the period from January to December 2008, the Campus has witnessed some infrastructure development and improvement.

    Infrastucture Development

    1. The construction of the second and third floor of the proposed five (5) storey building will start on January 2009 and is scheduled to be completed on June 2009. The University allotted Ten Million Pesos (PhP10,000,000.00) for the project taken from the supplemental budget of the University. The new building will house eight (8) standard size classrooms.
    2. Most of the classrooms were repainted last September, 2008 in order to make them more conducive to learning.
    3. Many chairs, white boards, blackboards, drawing tables and stools were fabricated.
    4. Two (2) comfort rooms in the campus were renovated, floor and walls tiles, new water closets, urinals and lavatories were installed.
    5. The concrete flooring of the campus gymnasium was constructed.
    6. The campus canteen was renovated and is now in full operation with Mr. Bulalo’s Restaurant as the concessioner.
    7. The campus library has increased its library holdings.