Industry-Academe Cooperative Education Program Office

  • adrian meloThe Industry-Academe Cooperating Education Placement Office (IACEPO) supports the university in providing quality service to student trainees and graduates. Its major task is to address the On-the-Job Training (OJT) needs of student trainees. It also strives in addressing the pre-employment and employment needs of the graduating students and alumni. One of its main functions is coordinating with cooperating agencies and industries for the necessary feedback that will assist the administration in curricular improvement and students’ skills development.


    Asst. Prof. Adrian Ferdinand M. Melo
    Asst. Director, IACEPO


  • The Industry-Academe Cooperating Education Placement Office (IACEPO) aims to provide an avenue for a productive and progressive partnership between the industrial sector and the institution of higher learning. This Office strives to facilitate local and international practical exposure for student trainees for them to gain related learning experiences, hence giving them opportunities to become better professionals of global standard. It is also geared towards placing graduates to job opportunities relevant to their fields of specialization.


    The Industry-Academe Cooperating Education Placement Office intends to cater quality, relevant and responsive related learning experiences for all bona fide students through a carefully planned, progressive and closely monitored actual work experiences required in a globally competitive labor market. The office also partakes in coordinating with industry partners for job opportunities available for our graduates.


    1. Strengthen the effective linkages and collaborations to industries, business establishments and other government agencies.
    2. Enhance the training program implementation both local and international via efficient cooperative education;
    3. Serve as reservoir of competent manpower pool for immediate job placement;
    4. Provide avenues of job opportunities for graduates and
    5. Explore the mutual benefits that can be derived from industry and university partnership