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The Instructional Materials Development Center (IMDC), under the Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs, is the university’s arm in promoting a greater degree of engagement in learning through innovative and interactive learning materials in various fields of specialization. It was established to guide faculty members in the development of effective instructional materials and to evaluate commercially available instructional materials prior to the utilization in the university through critical evaluation by experts. 

The IMDC was established in June 20, 2018 through the Board of Regents (BOR) Resolution No. 032 Series of 2018. 


The IMDC has the following general functions:

  1. Review, assess, and evaluate instructional materials in the university prior to approval for institutional adaptation.
  2. Develop creative, interactive, student-centered instructional materials, including electronic instructional media, which may be accessible in the university’s online learning management system.
  3. Provide leadership, guidance, and technical assistance to faculty members in the design in the design and development of innovative and technology-based instructional materials for general and specialized courses.
  4. Design and implement trainings and capability-building activities relative to the development of instructional materials in the university.


The IMDC is composed of one Center Director, four (4) Department Heads, and eighteen (18) Unit Heads, and two (2) staffs, as follows:

IMDC Director

Department Heads:

  •   Content Development Department
  • Visual Design and Semiotics Department
  • Instructional Materials Evaluation Department
  • Learning Management system Department Unit Heads
  • Mathematics Unit
  • Science Unit
  • Social Sciences Unit
  • Communication and Humanities Unit
  • Engineering Unit
  • Industrial Technology Unit
  • Computer and Information Technology Unit
  • Nursing and Nutrition Unit
  • Business, Management, and Accountancy Unit
  • Tourism and IHM Unit
  • Basic and Advanced Education Unit
  • Inclusive Education Unit
  • Technoprenuership Unit
  • Instructional Media Services Unit
  • Virtual Learning Environment Unit
  • Other Specialized Fields of Learning

IMDC Staff:

  • Course Content Editor
  • Graphic Designer



This part provides the specific duties and responsibilities of each position in the organization.

IMDC Director. The Director of the instructional Materials Development Center (lMDC) is responsible for the overall administration of the center. The Director shall directly supervise the department heads, and make the final decision on all matters relative to the center. He/ She shall have final approval of all incoming and outgoing requests as regards the processes in the Center, and spearhead and oversee all its programs, projects and activities. The Director is also responsible for preparing and submitting all developed instructional materials for copyright protection, and endorsing the developed IMs to the Resource Generation Office for production.

Content Development Department Head. The Head of the Content Development Department is in charge of ensuring that the content of the instructional materials are updated, accurate, comprehensive, relevant and relatable. He, She shall work closely with the unit head as well as the course content editor in the review and assessment of the instructional materials developed, prior to approval by the IMDC Director for institutional adoption. He/ She also acts as a mentor to the unit heads in enabling structured and standardized content in general and specialized courses. Further, the department head is responsible for ensuring that the developed IMs have provisions for the students’ varied learning styles and the teachers’ various teaching strategies.

Visual Design and Semiotics Department Head. The head of the Visual Design and Semiotics Department is responsible for ensuring that all developed instructional materials apply effective graphics and visual techniques. He/ She shall oversee the creative development and execution of all visual and textual semiotics in the learning materials, and oversee the process of making the IMs’ graphic elements thought-provoking, thus fostering visualization and sparking the learners’ imagination on many levels. He/she should ensure that the IMS are complemented or supported by graphic elements (illustrations, graphs, maps, charts, etc.) that do not crowd the page or do not overwhelm the learners with too much textual or visual information. The department head shall directly supervise the center’s graphic designer.

Instructional Materials Evaluation Department Head. The Head of the Instructional Materials Evaluation Department Head is responsible for the objective evaluation of the existing instructional materials in the university, as well as those that will be developed by the center. He/ She shall formulate questionnaires and survey instruments to gather data and information from both faculty and students to determine the instructional materials’ content accuracy and reliability, authority and objectivity, clarity of purpose and audience, coverage and organization, general presentation, and overall user acceptability.

Learning Management System Department Head. The Head of the Learning Management System Department is responsible for the overall management of the university’s virtual learning environment. He/ She serves as the general administrator of all faculty and student accounts in the online LMS, and ensures that it is updated in a timely manner. He/ She must be very much in tune with technological advancements, especially in field of educational technology, and make sure all the developed IMs are student and teacher-friendly and accessible in various platforms in order to give the students adequate practice in the skills they are required to master and in the tasks they need to accomplish as required by the curriculum.

Content Area Heads. The head of each unit under the Content Development Department provides direct supervision and leadership over faculty members assigned to draft and prepare the content of instructional materials for each of the course content areas offered in the university. They are responsible for ensuring that the content of the IMs are free from plagiarized material despite the use of a wide variety of updated references. They ensure that the IMs’ contents are adequate, student-centered, applicable, relevant, creative, interactive, and within the context of the target audience, and that the materials are presented in an order that makes sense for teaching and learning. They are also in charge of the selection of the most plausible

platform or manner of presenting the instructional materials (e.g. modular, book-type; CD format, digital format, etc.) for approval by the Content Development Department Head. They shall also coordinate directly with the Head of the Visual Design and Semiotics Department for the IMs graphic design.

Instructional Media Services Unit Head. The Head of the Instructional Media Services Unit is under the direct supervision of the Head of the Learning Management System Department. He/ She is responsible for ensuring that all developed content can be made available in various digital and media platforms, which may be viewed in laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other portable devices. The unit head is also responsible for ensuring that the content may be converted and transferred to compact discs and other storage devices, and shall oversee the use of audio-visual equipment for learning purposes.

Virtual Learning Environment Unit Head.  The Head of the Virtual Learning Environment is also under the direct supervision of the Head of the Learning Management System Department. He/ She has direct and immediate control over all faculty and student accounts in the university’s online LMS, and is responsible for ensuring the system ’s operational efficiency. He/ She also performs basic troubleshooting and addresses all immediate concerns of the LMS.

Course Content Editor.  The Course Content Editor is a core staff who is responsible for reading through the textual materials submitted by the unit heads prior to submission to the Content Development Department Head. He/she ensures that all printed materials adhere to conventions and standards of the English language, and if necessary, edits and checks any information that may be subject to further verification. The Course Content Editor shall be directly supervised by the Content Development Department Head.

Graphic Designer. The Graphic Designer is also a core staff who shall create the visual concept for the instructional materials and instructional med is to be developed. He/she shall develop the overall layout of instructional materials in coordination with the department and unit heads.  The Course Content Editor shall be directly supervised by the Visual Design and Semiotics Department Head.

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