Human Resources

  • macatangay lydia

    Mr. Noel Alberto S. Omandap
    Assistant Director for Human Resources Management

  • Functions, Duties and Responsibilities

    Assistant Director, Human Resource Management Office

    • Plan, direct and supervise the functions and activities in the personnel office;
    • Prepare action on appointments, leaves, transfers, resignations, retirements, separations, reinstatements, insurance or retirement claims, salary adjustments, position classification and/or reclassification, performance ratings, fringe benefits and other personnel function;
    • Prepare, update and submit all reports required by Civil Service Commission (CSC), i.e. publications, statistical reports, queries, and justifications and other related personnel actions;
    • Prepare and computer loyalty incentive, cash award and step increment of teaching and non-teaching personnel;
    • Prepare request for the confirmation of appointment to the Board of Regents;
    • Prepare and submit annual and periodic reports as may be required by higher authorities;
    • Keep, maintain and update a systematic filing of personnel records;
    • Disseminate civil service rules and regulations to employees;
    • Maintain an effective liaison with other agencies like CSC, Department of Budget Management (DBM), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), Philippine Health Insurance (Phil Health) and others;
    • Attend meetings and seminars related to human resource management; and
    • Facilitate and conduct in-service training program for all employees.