Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) is an integral component office that supports the attainment of the University’s mission and vision as well as of its Strategic Plan. The office operates under the direct supervision of the Administration Services Office.

With human resource as one of the primary enablers of the BatStateU’s ten (10)-year Strategic Plan, the HRMO is dedicated to building institutional capacity to advance the University's vision to become a premiere national university. The Office collaborates with all units of the University to attract, develop, retain, reward and engage diverse talent to meet both their individual goals and that of BatStateU. HRMO likewise serves as the channel between personnel and the University’s administration on one hand, and between the University and other regulatory agencies of the government (e.g. Civil Service Commission) on the other. Our personnel assures that the University is compliant with all laws, rules and regulations governing human resources. 

The HRMO’s roles, duties, responsibilities and services revolve around the four (4) human resource systems: 

  1. Recruitment, Selection and Placement (RSP) - Our RSP systems consistently follow the policies of the CSC and other monitoring and regulatory agencies of the national government. The University assures equal employment opportunity regardless of one’s color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, age, physical conditions or other characteristic protected by law. More importantly, the University adheres to the merit and fitness rule in the hiring and promotion of all its personnel.
  2. Learning and Development – Through its Training, Development and Scholarship programs, the University is committed to support all its personnel on their professional growth. All these are done through the HRMO’s training and development section where all qualified personnel are given equal opportunity to undergo trainings and avail scholarship privileges.
  3. Performance Management – The performance evaluation system of the University follows the guidelines as set forth under its Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS). It serves as a foundation for achieving the university’s goal of increased personnel achievement and of a more productive performance. It is one of the bases for rewards and recognition as well as for promotion and other incentives given by the national government.
  4. Rewards and Recognition – The University has an existing Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) which aims to encourage, recognize and reward its personnel. Through the facilitation of HRMO, the University provides incentives and interventions to motivate personnel who have contributed ideas, suggestions, inventions, discoveries, superior accomplishments and other personal efforts. 

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