General Services Office

The General Services Office is the unit tasked to ensure safe and clean environment for the University’s stakeholders. Its major task is to maintain the buildings, facilities, vehicles and other equipment. Another is the scheduling of the requests for the use of University facilities and vehicles. Further, the utility personnel of the Office are assigned in the different offices of the University to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the buildings and facilities including the fixtures and sets of furniture.

In terms of facility management, the repair and maintenance unit is positioned to maintain and properly take care of the facilities and other amenities of the institution. The Office has its Motor pool Unit that is designed to facilitate all undertakings in relation to provision for transportation.

One of the key units of the office is the Security Office. This unit is tasked to ensure the safety of lives of people and properties in the University. The traffic, parking and security measures of the University are also facilitated and monitored by the Security Office under the supervision of the GSO Director. 

Landline and Email Address 
Office Number: 043-980-0385 local 1137
Motor pool Unit043-980-0385 local 1837
Email Address: