Financial Services

The Financial Services Office provides the technical support in the preparation of budget; supervises the collection, safeguarding and documentation of all income; examines the accuracy in terms of amount, purpose and source of all information on income, payments and disbursement of funds; and ensures internal check and preliminary audit in accordance with the government and auditing rules. Under the supervision of the Office are the Accounting Office, Budget Office and Cashier’s Office.

Further, the Office ensures that all financial activities are conducted in an efficient, effective and appropriate manner. Those include timely and accurate reporting of fund movements, security of assets and maintenance of adequate internal controls.

The Office aims to support the University in achieving its strategic goals to be financially sustainable and responsible; and to work proactively to enable the University to continuously improve its financial performance and the value for money it offers to past and present students, customers and funders. It is committed in delivering high standard of service to all University stakeholders.  

Landline and email address
Landline Number: (043) 980-0385, 980-0387, 980-0393 local 1813/1133
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