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Environmental Management Unit

The Environmental Management Unit (EMU) is in charged with the implementation of programs and activities to maintain a sustainable and eco-friendly campus. It is composed of the following: Materials Recovery Facility, Sewage Treatment Facility and Pollution Control Office. 

In line with one of the University Strategic Plan 2019-2029’s thematic areas, Sustainability, EMU ensures compliance of the University to all legal environmental requirements as prescribed by RA 9275, RA 8749, RA 9003, RA 6969, and PD 1586. More so, clients are provided with assistance on environmental issues and concerns to mitigate and control any potential risk to environment, health and safety, and public health.

To ensure environmental sustainability in the University, the Unit handles the following:

  1. Operation of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). This is to collect wastewater generated from buildings and provide applicable treatment prior to its disposal whose effluent complies with general effluent standard set by Department of Environment and Natural Resources through DENR AO 2016 -08.
  2. Solid Waste Handling, Recovery and Disposal. This is to transfer wastes from collection points to the temporary waste disposal area. The wastes are sorted and segregated, classified as recyclables and residual wastes. The recyclables materials are recovered from the waste stream and residual wastes are transported to the nearest Sanitary Landfill.
  3. Hazardous Waste Management. This is to properly store hazardous wastes and ensure transport, treatment and disposal by DENR-accredited external provider. 
  4. Monitoring of Water and Energy Consumption. This is to perform periodic reading of sub-meters for water and electricity together with the collation of water and electric bills with available database for water consumption and contracted electricity.  The data is used as a planning tool for decision- and policy-making.
  5. Secure Permits/Certificates. This is to ensure that applicable and valid permits from concerned agencies are available and readily accessible. An Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC), Wastewater Discharge Permit, Permit to Operate of APSI, Water Permit for Deep wells, and Hazardous Waste Generator Registration Certificates are updated and available.
  6. Environmental Education. This is to provide awareness to students, faculty, employees and visitors through seminar/orientation, environmental signage, and Information Education Campaign (IEC) Materials. The materials are available upon request in the Office of EMU such as Flyers, posters, and PowerPoint presentations for seminar/training.
  7. Environmental Monitoring. This is to conduct periodic sampling and analysis of wastewater and ambient air to ensure compliance to DENR standards as input to DENR self-monitoring and compliance monitoring report. A DENR-accredited laboratory will be coordinated and hired.
  8. Assistance to Clients. This is to provide assistance to clients/customers on their environmental concerns and issues that need immediate and proper actions to prevent pollution on water, air and land including control of damage to property and public health.  The assistance for any concern/issues by the clients shall be provided using the prescribed form.
  9. Environmental Compliance Permit. This is to issue permit for canteen operators/tenant to regulate activities to prevent negative impact to the environment. This is secured for free but permit holders shows commitment towards environmental protection and conservation.

Landline and Email Address
Phone: (043) 980 – 0385 local 1132
Email Address: envimubatstateu@gmail.com