College of Law

  • A relatively young law school, the College of Law is steadfast in its vision of academic excellence. We are rigorous in our academic standards. We are likewise demanding when it comes to faculty hiring and thus our faculty consists of scholars and seasoned practitioners, all whom possess the work ethic of a competent and dedicated law professor. Just as Rome was not built in one day, the Batangas State University College of Law is optimistic that, guided by its vision of academic excellence, it will in due time produce competent and socially responsible lawyers.
    Atty. Edgard Valdez

  • The following may apply for admission to the BSU College of Law:

    • A holder of a bachelor’s degree in arts or science with any of the following subjects as major or field of concentration:
      • Political Science
      • History
      • Logic
      • English
      • Economics
    • A holder of a bachelor’s degree in a field other than those mentioned above provided he/she has earned the required units in the following subjects:
      • English – 18 units
      • Social Science – 18 units
      • Mathematics – 6 units

    Any holder of a Bachelor of Science or Arts degree with deficiencies of at most 9 units in the aforementioned subjects may likewise be admitted provided he has the basic baccalaureate degree; provided further that the 9 units of deficiencies shall be taken during the first curriculum year. (DECS Order No. 46, 1990)

    • A graduating student in any of the major or field of concentration mentioned in paragraph 1 of a recognized college or university.
    • A graduating student in a field other than those covered by paragraph 2 subject to the conditions specified in the said paragraph.

    Requirements for Law School Admission Test

    • Duly accomplished application form available at the Office of the Dean of the College of Law.
    • Two (2) 2”x2” recent photos.
    • Payment of testing fee
    • The admission examination is conducted by Testing and Admission Office wherein the first part is composed of linguistic type of test, while the second part is an essay portion to test the English proficiency of the student applicant and basic knowledge of law.
    • Holders of graduate degrees are not exempted from taking the test. Requirements upon Registration
    • Official Transcript of Records for bachelor’s degree graduates.
    • Certificate of Honorable Dismissal (for transferees)
    • Chest x-ray for medical purposes
    • Certificate of Live Birth

    • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)