Supreme Student Council
The Supreme Student Council is the premier organization of the bonafide students of Batangas State University who are working together with the adviser within the framework of a constitution or bylaws to provide means for students expression, involvement and assistance in the university’s affairs and services, give opportunities for student experience in leadership.

Teacher Education Students’ Association
The Teacher Education Students’ Association is an official student organization of the Teacher Education that upholds high standard scholastic value which envision itself to be a channel that will guide its member toward becoming competent and excellent teachers and leaders in the country.

Junior Marketing Association
The Junior Marketing Association is a student-managed organization committed to create exceptional young marketers to excel through different opportunities and situations that will enhance their knowledge and experience in dealing with the real world.

Junior Council Of Industrial Technology Students
The Junior Council Of Industrial Technology Students is the official organization of the students under the College of Industrial Technology.

Sayaw Silangan Performing Group
The Sayaw Silangan Performing Group is a student organization for the students of Batangas State University San Juan Campus who have unique talents. It builds camaraderie to all members and encourages them to contribute their knowledge and skills for the common goal of the organization.