Facilities – Cabeihm


It is located at the 3rd floor of the CITE Building. It can accommodate from 600-800 participants per event. It is usually used for events like seminars and competitions of the university and other stakeholders.

CITE Training Room

It is used for seminars and workshops of both internal and external groups. It can accommodate up to 100-150 participants. Dividers are installed in order to maximize the space of the area.

Computer Laboratory

Located at the 3rd floor of the CABEIHM. It is used for the computer subjects and activities of the department. It can accommodate up to 25-50 students per class.

Kitchen Laboratory

It is located at the ground floor of the CITE building. It can accommodate 25 students per subject as stated in the CMO. It is being utilized by IHM students for their subjects and it is sometimes being used by other stakeholders for their events.