Extension – CAS

Title of the Activity:
CitronelLAMOK TEPOK: A BatStateU-BS Biology Environmental Campaign Against Dengue for Possible Renewal of Linkage with Brgy. Talahib Pandayan

Brief Description:
In 2015, the CAS through the BS Biology program conducted an extension activity that raised the awareness of the residents on prevention of dengue. Monitoring activities were conducted on 2017, and based on the monitoring report, the objectives were successfully delivered. Further, the residents were thankful for the help and support given to the community by Batangas State University.
The program plans to renew the linkage between Brgy. Talahib Pandayan and Batangas State University to continue the partnership and implement its sustainability plans. As per Level IV Phase 1 Accreditation of the Program, sustainability plans were reported under the Extension Area. This includes the agro-entrepreneurship venture through citronella production.

Residents of Barangay Talahib Pandayan, Batangas City

Cooperating Agencies:
LGU of Brgy. Talahib Pandayan, KALIPI Women’s Organization of Brgy. Talahib Pandayan, Extension Service Office - BatStateU

Time-Line of Activities:
Periodic Monitoring Activities of BS Biology Program Extension Activities

Monitoring Activitys Date Venue Persons Involved
Citronella Propagation Project July 29, 2015 Sitio Tramo, Barangay Alangilan, Batangas City Biology Major Students Society (BioMaSS)
Ms. Abegail L. Gonzales
CitronelLamokTepok! Phase 1 November 29, 2016 Barangay Talahib-Pandayan, Batangas City Dr. Benedict Medina
Ms. Vaberlie M. Garcia
Ms. Rhona Alog
Ms. Amor P. Magtibay
Mr. Reygan H. Sangalang
July 27, 2017 Barangay Talahib-Pandayan, Batangas City Dr. Matilda H. Dimaano
Ms. Amor P. Magtibay
Dr. Jodi Belina Bejer
Ms. Heidi B. Gonzales
Atty. Alvin de Silva
Ms. Ma. Theresa Hernandez
Ms. Rubylyn Mijan
Biology Major Students Society (BioMaSS)
CitronelLamokTepok! November 15, 2017 Barangay Talahib-Pandayan, Batangas City Dr. Matilda H. Dimaano
Ms. Divine Grace F. Flores
Dr. Sherry Joy del Mundo
Ms. Antonette T. Geron
Ms. Angelica Macalalad
Ms. Rubylyn Mijan
Mr. Marc Tesico
Periodic Monitoring November 27, 2019 Barangay Talahib-Pandayan, Batangas City Project Leader
Ms. Amor P. Magtibay
Asst. Project Leaders:
Mr. Albert M. Arcega
Ms. Antonnette T. Geron
Ms. Rubylyn M. Infante

Project Coordinators:Dr.Vaberlie M. Garcia
Ms. Ma. Lucia A. Caringal
Ms. Dianne S, Cullar
Dr. Jeffery C. Arrieta
Dr. Pelita C. Panganiban
Ms. Angelica A. Macalalad
Dr. Chona Andal
Ms. Leonida M. Falculan