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Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers Batangas State University – Student Chapter PSSE BatstateU Student Chapter is a co-curricular student organization that upholds the principles of excellence, interdependence, harmony and strength in diversity & teamwork, and promotes the concern for the environment with the virtues of responsibility & accountability, leadership by initiative and student empowerment of Sanitary Engineering students.

Junior Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers The Junior Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers- BatStateU Chapter is a scholastic chapter that built to involve contribution of the electrical engineering students, instructors, and other people under the electrical engineering department and to provide rapport among the members to have a joyful journey in the department.

Junior Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers (JPIIE) Junior Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers- BatStateU Main II Chapter generates opportunities through which students may enhance their prowess and promote the spirit of cooperation and helpfulness to build a genuine brotherhood among Industrial Engineering students.
College of Industrial technology – Student Council is an organization that was founded to serve and protect its members, this association believes that the sense of leadership and cooperation are not merely to be organized, it should be implicit and lived for we are leaders in our own way.

Mechatronics Instrumentation and Control Technology (MICS) is an organization with multidisciplinary field and equip the leaders with a range skills to serve and protect its member, these organization is very committed in sense of leadership and cooperation.
Association of Committed Computer Science Students (ACCESS) A student organization that provides different services for their co-students and focuses on honing each other supports the goals and mission of the University and is exclusive for the students taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Integrated Information Technology Students Society (IINTESS) It is a student organization that gives services for their co-students to nurture one another with harmonious relationship, with the objective of having one goal of our University mission and vision only for the students of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.