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The College of Teacher Education endeavors to produce well-rounded academicians who possess technical, pedagogical and research skills in order to address the challenges of diverse educational settings and engage in lifelong learning.

It prepares competitive educators in the global academic environment, guided by high moral standards and equipped with 21st century skills so they become agents of positive social transformation.

The College of Teacher Education is committed to:

  1. provide students with learning opportunities for their advancement in specific fields of interest towards excellence, efficiency and effectiveness in the attainment of local, regional and national goals.
  2. design rationalized activities for the enhancement of classroom teaching through modern modes of instructional delivery, instructional materials preparation and assessment of learning.
  3. utilize the latest trends and strategies in research to address the evolving demands on the generation and dissemination of new knowledge and innovations in education.
  4. harness the capability of the students in conceptualizing, implementing, and sustaining extension projects of the college through active partnerships for inclusive social development.
  5. provide avenues in the development of professionalism and in the pursuance of lifelong learning for personal and professional growth and development.
Programs Description & Curriculum
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Sciences
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Studies
Bachelor of Physical Education
Professional Teacher Education


Office of the Dean

Telephone: (043) 416-0350 loc. 206
Mobile.: +63 917 107 2200
College Email: