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Administrative Officials

FY 2020 as of June 27, 2020

Prof. Enrico M. Dalangin
Executive Director

Assoc. Prof. Josephine D. Vergara
Dean of Colleges, BatStateU ARASOF-Nasugbu

Assoc. Prof. Gloria L. Araos

Ms. Josephine V. Vasquez
Director, Administrative & Financial Services

Ms. Marife G. Galvezo
Assistant Director, Procurement

Associate Deans

Dr. Anania B. Aquino
Associate Dean, CTE

Dr. Gloria A. Rearte
Associate Dean, CIT

Assoc. Prof. Erwin A. Caparas
Associate Dean, CABEIHM

Dr. Maria Luisa A. Valdez
Associate Dean, CAS

Dr. Lorissa Joanna E. Buenas
Associate Dean, CECS

Head of Offices

Asst. Prof. Lorenjane E. Balan
Principal, Laboratory School

Dr. Gloria A. Rearte
Head, Internal Assessment Office

Mr. Erwin R. Abiad
Head, Registration Office

Mr. Rahadel V. Destreza
OIC-Head, Library Services

Asst. Prof. Federico H. Rojales
Head, Sports Development Program

Ms. Marichu O. Zabarte
Head, Alumni Affairs Office OIC-Head, Culture and Arts Office

Asst. Prof. Cherry U. Banta
Head, Student Discipline Office

Engr. Alfredo V. Atienza Jr.
OIC-Head, Student Organization and Activities Office

Ms. Avegail F. Rivera
Head, Testing and Admission Office

Ms. Analyn H. Venzon
Head, Guidance and Counseling Head, Multi-Faith Services Office Cluster Guidance Counselor

Asst. Prof. Aleli A. Dadayan
Head, Student Publication and Yearbook Office

Asst. Prof. Marithel J. Tiangco
Head, Scholarship and Financial Assistance Office

Asst. Prof. Wilfredo U. Abellera
Head, NSTP Office / Band Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Mayette A. Cananea
Head, On-the-Job Training Head, Job Placement Office

Mrs. Leila T. Bayot
In-Charge, Food Services

Mr. Inocencio C. Madriaga Jr.
In-Charge, Student Housing & Residential Services

Prof. Froilan G. Destreza
Head, Research Office

Asst. Prof. Rosalie R. Rojales
Head, Extension Services Office

Ms. Eleonor T. Laña
Head, Budget Office

Ms. Anna Lisa B. Villapando
Head, Cashiering Office

Ms. Alyssa Portia R. Rojales
Head, Auxiliary Services and RGO In-Charge, Hostel Operations

Ms. Aimee Roxanne U. Percano
OIC-Head, Human Resource Management Office Records Officer

Ms. Johanna Paula H. Barcelon
Head, Supply and Property Management Office

Mr. Aljohn M. Abanilla
Head, Grounds Maintenance

Mr. Juvenal R. Oriondo
Head, Facilities Management Services

Mr. Rafael D. Sermania
Head, Medical and Dental Services Office

Engr. Rodelito D. Pega
Head, ICT Services Office

Mr. Ariel S. Sajona
In-Charge, Security Services

Ms. Marilyn P. Tampes
Internal Auditor and Head, Planning Office

Mr. Kenneth S. Laguatan
Campus Accountant / OIC-Head, Accounting Office

Arch. Lara Patricia E. Cabanillas
Officer-In Charge, Project Management Office Cluster Architect

Mr. Alvin P. Caraig
Project Management Office