BatStateU is top performing school in sanitary engineering licensure exam

Batangas State University emerged as the top performing school in the August 2021 Sanitary Engineer Licensure Examination given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Forty-three out of 51 examinees from BatStateU passed the exam, notching a passing rate of 84.31% for the University. At second place, and the only other university to qualify on the list, is Mapua University with 15 out of 18 passers or 83.33% passing rate. To be a top performing school, one has to have 10 or more examinees with at least 80% passing rate. 

Meanwhile, BatStateU graduate Rey Vincent R. Coladilla made it to the elite top four of the licensure examination. Coladilla placed fourth with a rating of 80.05%. Coladilla is a BS Sanitary Engineering, cum laude, graduate from the Batangas State University Alangilan campus. 

BatStateU’s engineering programs remain the flagship in the University which fully implements outcomes-based teaching and learning and the integration of Technopreneurship in the curricula and further train future engineers and engineering professionals to develop cutting-edge technologies towards inclusive and sustainable development.  

A total of 112 out of 189 passed the licensure examination held in Manila last August 2021. You can view the full list of the sanitary engineer licensure exam here.

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