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    Ten years ago, the vision of Batangas State University to serve the people of Lemery and the nearby municipalities was realized with the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement by the municipal mayor of Lemery, Hon. Raul B. Bendaña and Dr. Ernesto de Chavez, University President. The establishment of the campus was through “OPLAN-Karunungan at Kaalaman” under the mayor’s program, “Responsableng Balikatang Bayan, Oplan Pang-Kaunlaran (RBB0-OK KA!)”.

    SY 2003-2004 marked the opening of opportunities to the young of Lemery with the offering of the Bachelor of Industrial Technology major in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology, BS General Engineering and BS Computer Science programs. The community patronized the program offerings in the campus, because these were science and technology-related courses; moreover, the 50 percent discount tuition fee scheme as well as its evening class sessions was also a strong pull to enroll.

    The initial enrollment period for the first semester of AY 2003-2004 listed 129 students in the pioneer batch who were housed only in five classrooms. Four faculty members were assigned in full-time basis and one in part-time basis to man the operation of the campus. The campus continued to have increased population due to additional course offerings in SY 2005 of the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) and Business Management (BSBM) where students only paid the miscellaneous fees. In AY 2006-2007, Lemery Campus saw a remarkable increase in its enrollment from 184 students raised to 309 students.

    Presently, the campus has 13 classrooms, good enough to accommodate its students; correspondingly, there was an increase in faculty members. Starting July 14, 2006 under the leadership of Dr. Nora L. Magnaye as University President, the campus had more developments the latest among which was the construction of a new building through the cooperation between the BatStateU administration headed by University President Magnaye and the Local Government Unit through Hon. Mayor Eulalio Alilio.

    With the support of the community and the University administration, the BatStateU Lemery campus is another avenue for the young to have access to a college education.

    Come to BatStateU Lemery, we also serve…

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  • For almost thirteen years of existence of BSU-Balayan campus, it proves only that this extension campus is truly a partner for promotion of university’s vision and mission. The campus started its operation offering non-degree courses in the Technical-Vocational Education Program (TVEP) year 1994 which was converted into Dual Training System (DTS) in the year 1995.

    Owing to the conversion of PBMIT to BSU in March of 2001, increase of enrolment was very evident and additional programs were added such as Industrial Education, Computer Science, Hotel and Restaurant Management, General Engineering and the DTS turned into a Bachelor of Industrial Technology with different majors.

    BSU, Balayan aspires not only to give quality and affordable education and training to its constituents but also to develop the campus as a show-window to progressive science and technology education.

    At present BSU, Balayan has established its own campus, and physical wares to build its own image as an independent extension campus, a branch of a State University now and in the years ahead.