Graduate School

In response to current restrictions created by the COVID-19 health crisis, the BatStateU is waiving the BatStateU Graduate School Admission Test (GSAT) during the COVID -19 pandemic.

The University remains sensitive to the challenges of Graduate School applicants who are interested in continuing advanced studies.

This interim policy supports the flexibility options during the COVID-19 pandemic prioritizing the health and safety of the academic community and our stakeholders  while enabling as much of our mission-related activities to continue as possible.

Steps in Graduate School Admission

  • Fill out the BatStateU Graduate School Application form.
  • Submit the following requirements at the google link.
    1. Application Form
    2. Three recommendation letters (from former professor/program adviser/and/or/ employer/supervisor)
    3. Transcript of Records
    4. Essay on personal statement describing purpose and career objectives (Must be written in English, at least 500 words using Times New Roman 12 pts in A4 PDF format)
    5. Google links for submission of admission requirements:
  • Wait for the application to be evaluated by the Department/College. (The Testing Admission Office will send thru email the filled out application form and TOR to respective Departments/Colleges. The College shall submit lists of evaluated applicants to Testing and Admission Office thru
  • Upon approval of the application for admission, a Transfer of Credentials form (in other universities, this is called honorable  dismissal) shall be filled out by the student. This form is available at the Office of the Registrar.