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Guiding Principles


We are proud of our identity as a Filipino with rich culture, ethics, dignity and moral values. We will embrace patriotism in the simplest acts in our professional work and personal lives. We will take a fair share of the burdens of improving the country, by protecting its interest, obeying our laws, and keeping public funds and property secured and well accounted for. We will work for the conservation and protection of the environment.


We will conduct ourselves in a manner that is exemplary and beyond reproach at all times. We will be professional, in every aspect, in dealing with our superiors, subordinates, and to our interactions with all persons, whether members of the BatStateU community or the larger society. When faced with difficult decisions and hard choices, we will do what is right, moral, just, and fair even in the face of adversity.


We will measure excellence by equity, inclusion and superior performance. We shall embrace innovation by systematically exploring new ideas and encouraging employees to do it without fear of failure. We will treat everyone the same, regardless of that individual’s position within the University. We will endeavor to foster friendships and mutual understanding among those with whom we work, respect their opinion and individual differences, and approach each unfamiliar situation with an open and accepting frame of mind.


We will work together closely and collaboratively for the common good and make our personal goals secondary to group goals. We will encourage sense of belonging, cultivate strength in our combined experience and expertise, inculcate a greater sense of ownership and accountability for the work, and foster trustworthiness among each other. We will have passion on what we do and we will be proud of what we accomplished. We will be relentless and driven to meet our goals.


We will ensure our ability to prepare for and adapt to changing working conditions and leadership, governance and management mechanisms and recover rapidly from work disruptions and challenges it entails.


We share and demonstrate our strong faith in a Supreme Being through committed, dedicated and faithful service to the BatstateU community. We will inspire faith that is needed in every step of our journey as public servant.



Procurement Office Personnel canvassing of goods


Presentation of the Accomplishment Report FY 2021

February 10, 2022

Personnel of the Accounting Office and the Property and Supply Office conducting the Physical Count of Property, Plant and Equipment

Semi-Annual Planning of the Administration and Finance Central Administration

November 24, 2021