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About Us

The Administration and Finance – Central Administration serves as a proactive partner in delivering excellent service to the Batangas State University community. It embraces BASICS: Brand of Excellence, Access, Social Relevance, Inclusive Innovation, Capacity and Sustainability - the pillars of the University’s Strategic Plan 2019-2029.


The Vice President for Administration and Finance provides leadership, over-all direction and supervision in the operation of and in the implementation of policies and procedures for procurement services, supplies and property management, human resource management and development, records keeping and management, facility planning and maintenance, motor pool, ground maintenance and other related services (Administration Services); accounting, budgeting, utilization and disbursement of cash (Financial Services); infrastructure development, project implementation, inspection and monitoring (Project Management); and medical and dental services (Health Services).


Within those offices lie critical functions of strategic allocation of resources, including but not limited to human, physical and financial, and administrative and general support services that enable the University to excel in academic, research, extension and other community services. By providing data, financial information, insight and analysis, we assist leadership and management in its financial and management decisions that help fulfill its mission while maintaining a position of financial strength and ensuring compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, the university’s internal policies and guidelines including.


The Administration and Finance – Central Administration is responsive to the short and long term needs of the BatStateU community. It interconnects its services to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our work is organized around three primary goal areas cutting across strategic priorities of the University:


  1. to provide the highest levels of services in order to promote the success of Red Spartans students, our colleagues in the BatStateU community, and the public using the best available tools, technologies and practices (Service);
  2. to provide a safe environment that protects and encourages improvements in the health and wellness of all aspects of the BatStateU community (Health and Safety); and
  3. to ensure that all human, financial, physical and other resources owned by and entrusted to the University are deployed and utilized in an effective, efficient, transparent, and socially responsible manner for viability and sustainability of its operation (Stewardship).


With a team of dedicated men and women, we seek to elevate the University to “Greater Heights of Excellence in Innovation and Social Transformation” as it traverses its path to becoming a premier national university.

Administration Services

Atty. Luzviminda Rosales, Vice President for Administration Finance, during the ocular inspection of unserviceable properties of the University for disposal.

Financial Services

Dr. Tirso Ronquillo, University President, during the Budget Deliberation FY 2023.

Project Management

Project Management Office personnel during the ocular inspection of an infrastructure project.

Health Services

Health Services Office personnel during the Vaccination Drive for students