Academic Affairs

  • manalo

    Vice President for Academic Affairs

  • Function, Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Assist in the formulation of academic policies and plans pertaining to the efficient management of educational programs of the University

    2. Evaluate the effectiveness of instructional services

    3. Provide leadership among Executive Directors, Deans and Directors in planning, conducting follow-up phases of in-service education of faculty members

    4. Review recommendations of subordinate officials regarding appointments to faculty positions

    5. Review departmental plans, programs and projects and is responsible for the efficient and economical operations of the University

    6. Rate the performance of Executive Directors, Deans, Directors, Registrar, Librarian and other officials of equivalent rank

    7. Conduct general faculty conferences and meetings for the students and impose penalties less severe than dismissal

    8. Review recommendations of disciplinary sanctions for the students and impose penalties less severe than dismissal

    9. Recommend fellowships, scholarships and training grants for deserving faculty members

    10. Direct disciplinary action against erring faculty members

    11. Consolidate and prepare final reports of accomplishments submitted by subordinates

    12. Supervise the Executive Directors, Deans, Directors and other designated Heads in the Department

    13. Perform other functions as the President may direct from time to time

    Under her immediate supervision are the different colleges, School of Open Learning, Integrated School and Review Center.

    To maintain and enhance excellence in all of its endeavors is the continuing thrust of our University in the performance of its mandated function through INSTRUCTION.

    ? Excellence in institutional programs, faculty scholarships & creative endeavors will be nurtured.

    ? A commitment to excellence in undergraduate education is central in planning for all campuses.

    ? Excellence in graduate and professional education and research remains a central thrust.

    ? Short term courses shall be formulated whenever possible, competency certificates can be provided by TESDA thru a MOA using skills competency tests.

    ? Growth areas in instruction and research will be built on existing, strong programs in all campuses.

    ? Innovative initiatives thru the use of alternative learning in all campuses will be undertaken to strengthen their contributions to instruction, research and extension.

    ? Computer and information technology will be enhanced to facilitate learning and other students’ services.

    ? Enhanced cooperation among campuses will be strongly encouraged.

    ? Continuous quality monitoring, evaluation and improvement will be conducted to increase efficiency, effectivity and ensure accountability to the clientele.

    ? Institutional partnerships and linkages shall be strengthened and expanded to include training institutions on-the-job training programs and other professional programs both in local and global labor market.