MS Information Technology

Master of Science in Information Technology

Program Education Objectives

The alumni of MS Information program, about three to five years after graduation shall:

  1. Create innovations to ensure the competitive edge of the Philippines computing industry.
  2. Demonstrate a higher degree of professionalism in the workplace.


Student Outcomes

The student outcomes of MS Information Technology are:

a. Communicate information technology concepts, designs, and solutions effectively and professionally;

b. Select technologies, policies, and procedures to assure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and IT systems;

c. Apply knowledge of information technology to produce effective designs and solutions to complex information technology problems;

d. Utilize a range of digital technologies and information sources to discover, select, analyze, synthesize, evaluate, critique and disseminate both technical and professional information.

e. Identify, formulate, and solve hardware and software computing problems, accounting for the interaction between hardware and software.

f. Engage in the process of research and the continuing learning needed to retain the necessary level of professional skills and knowledge in the area of information technology.

g. Communicate effectively and professionally both in writing and by means of presentations to IT experts and to a general audience as well.