Lecture Room, International Office, CITE Bldg

March 21, 2017

8:00 AM

To continuously engage our faculty members in conducting high impact researches, the Research Office conducted the R&D Proposal Writeshop. This initiative is an effort to take the opportunity to submit research proposals in response to the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD) and Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD) call for proposals. This activity also formed part of the University’s strategic initiative for research which is to continuously encourage productive, mutually beneficial research collaborations in the University and to generate more opportunities for research grants.

Some faculty members from the College of Informatics and Computing Sciences attended the writeshop namely, Mr. John Richard M. Esguerra, Mr. Ryndel V. Amorado, Dr. Luisa P. Macatangay, Mr. Rowell Hernandez, Mrs. RiaL. Castillo and Mr. Lloyd H. Macatangay. The program started with the opening prayer, immediately followed by the Philippine National Anthem. Engr. Albertson D. Amante warmly welcomes the participants of the writeshop and state the purpose of the activity. He also emphasized what will be the expected output of the activity. Dr. TirsoRonquillodelivered inspirational message. He even emphasized that reading other sample proposals, finished researches and published journals will actually helped individual in crafting their own proposals and submit them afterwards for publications. He even emphasized that unpublished research were not yet considered finished.

The writeshop focused on Land, Air, Water Integrated Networks. Some suggested topics include (a) Land – Soil characterization, analysis and mapping, Land cover and land use change – image classification and urban sprawing study; (b) Water – Water quality assessment of coastal, freshwater, aquifer and sensor network; (c) Air – Development of air quality laboratory for Batangas and/or Region 4A.

The group proposed “A Cloud Service Data Collection and Analysis for Land, Air and Water Quality. This project aims (a) to develop a system that will harmonize data on land, air and water quality; (b) to provide access to relevant, updated and timely information online; (c) to generate reports required.

In the general scheme of this proposal, collecting and mapping of data plays a vital role in the success of this project.  Special and well design sensors will be used to collect data from the concerned entities of this project; Land, Air, and Water.

Automatic sending of data will be coming from sensors placed in various locations across Batangas. However, Manual monitoring and data gathering of the data from these entities will also be taken place in the pilot implementation to ensure that the data being gathered by the sensor overtime are still accurate and precise. Existing data from different agencies can also be included by manual entry to the website.

One of the things that is being taken into consideration in this project is the process of the data transmission.  Network communication will be developed to ensure that the data will be received by a server housed in Batangas State University.

A Website with GIS tool integration will be developed to allow researchers, the community and other agencies to access the gathered data and use them in conducting further studies relative to the environment and ecological studies. With this, an API or a protocol must be set to standardize the processes of accessing and inputting of data.



Lecture Room, International Office, CITE Bldg

May 12, 2017

08:00 – 05:00


Research Management Services Department conducted a research publication workshop to faculty members of Batangas State University and graduate school alumna. The writeshop started with the opening prayer. Engr. Albertson Amante, Vice President for Research, Development and Extension Services warmly welcomes the participants. He discussed the purpose of the writeshop.  He also inspires the participants to publish their paper at IRJIEST and discussed the overview as follows.

The International Research Journal on Innovations in Engineering, Science and Technology (IRJIEST), owned and published by the Batangas State University (BatStateU) is released twice a year in electronic format. Papers submitted to the journal are initially screened by the journal editors. Selected papers after screening then undergo full review process. Articles that have been accepted following peer review are considered papers in press and are published online ahead of the production and copyediting.

The Editor-in-Chief, the Managing Editor and the members of the Editorial Board are responsible for the editorial policies. They conduct an editorial review once the peer review is completed. The editorial board then considers the feedback given by the peer reviewers and arrives at a decision. The journal publishes papers, which after editorial review, are found to have potential contributions to the innovations in engineering, science and technology.

The journal is published both in online and print version. The online version is of free access and download. The papers shall be under any of the following thematic areas:

·         Automation and Control
·         Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
·         Electronics and Embedded Systems
·         Energy and Environment
·         Engineering Education
·         Food and Agriculture
·         Information and Communication Technology
·         Instrumentation and Control
·         Materials Science
·         Nanotechnology
·         Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education
·         Signal Processing Applications
·         Technopreneurship

The thematic area wherein the submitted paper is fit must be indicated in the paper.  Papers to be submitted must be written in a concise and comprehensive manner considering a wide array of readers. IRJIEST limits each article to only five (5) journal pages. The referees, the members of the editorial board and the Editor-in-Chief shall convene and agree if exception in the page limitation is to be considered.
Authors should also take note that IRJIEST assumes that submission of manuscript to the journal is an account that the author has not submitted it simultaneously to other journals and it has not been published or considered for publication elsewhere.
On the other hand, authors of papers that have appeared in conference proceedings should mention the previous appearance both in the cover letter to IRJIEST and a footnote on the first page. The paper must be significantly revised for it to be considered for publication.

Mr. Emil Alcantara, Director for Research Management Services facilitate the writeshop proper. Before the session ends, the participants were requested to present their paper for comments and suggestions.