BS Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Program Educational Objectives

The alumni of BS Information Technology program, about three to five years after graduation shall:

  1. Help create innovations to ensure the competitive edge of the Philippines computing industry.
  2. Adhere to ethical standards in the practice of the computing profession.


Student Outcomes

The student outcomes of BS IT are:

a. Ability to apply knowledge of computing, basic science and mathematics appropriate to the discipline and the program educational objectives.

b. Ability to analyze a problem and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to the problem’s solution

c. Ability to design, implement and evaluate the capability of a computer-based system, process, component or program to meet the desired needs.

d. Ability to function effectively on teams to accomplish common goal

e. Ability to understand professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities

f. Ability to communicate effectively in speech and in writing with a range of audiences.

g. Ability to analyze the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations and society.

h. Ability to recognize the need for and ability to engage in continuing professional development

i. Ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern tools necessary for computing practice.

j. Ability to use and apply current technical concepts and practices in the core information technologies; human computer interaction, information management, programming, networking, and web systems and technologies.

k. Ability to identify and analyze user needs and take them into account in the selection, creation, evaluation and administration of computer-based systems

l. Ability to effectively integrate IT-based solutions into the user environment.

m. Ability to understand best practices and standards and their application.

n. Ability to assist in the creation of an effective project plan.


The BSIT program has been granted Level II by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) from July 16, 2014 until July 15, 2018. Figure 1 shows the BSIT enrollment trend while Figure 2 shows the graduates for the last five years.

BSIT Enrollment Trend 2010 to 2016

BSIT Graduates 2011- 2016

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