COLLAB 2016: Unleash the Champ in You!

With the leadership of the Supreme Student Councils from Main I and Main II, a team building activity was organized for the organizations’ student leaders from both of the aforementioned campuses. Each council was tasked to provide at least seven (7) participants and each sub-organization at least two (2).

The event started with a seminar that talked about having a deeper understanding of their positions, led by the two presidents of the Supreme Student Councils Main I and II. After that, a team building activity started and continued at a resort that has all the team building facilities that is required on the activity. The student leaders were separated into teams which would facilitate with the merging of the students and so as to mingle with new people. Thus will increase their resolve and wisdom in being a student leader.

The second part of the event included a team building session which was pretty much full of flag-snatching, cheering crowds, and above all, laughter. Everyone was satisfied that they left with a greater understanding of the word “team” and especially having new sets of friends that they will surely keep.