Teachers’ Day Celebration

Teachers’ Day Celebration

As the saying goes, “teaching is one of the noblest professions in the world.” Being a teacher is a job of persons with pure hearts to serve others; the passion to create a future of the young. In order to recognize the hard work of the teachers, the Supreme Student Council decided a celebration by giving tokens of appreciation to their teachers.

A message from the CICS-SC president, Isaiah John Rosales was delivered and then afterward, the officers of the organization distributed the gifts they prepared for the CICS teachers. There were also games in which teachers’ participated in. Different activities like the Photography contest and the like where exhibited at the gymnasium.




COLLAB 2016: Unleash the Champ in You!

With the leadership of the Supreme Student Councils from Main I and Main II, a team building activity was organized for the organizations’ student leaders from both of the aforementioned campuses. Each council was tasked to provide at least seven (7) participants and each sub-organization at least two (2).

The event started with a seminar that talked about having a deeper understanding of their positions, led by the two presidents of the Supreme Student Councils Main I and II. After that, a team building activity started and continued at a resort that has all the team building facilities that is required on the activity. The student leaders were separated into teams which would facilitate with the merging of the students and so as to mingle with new people. Thus will increase their resolve and wisdom in being a student leader.

The second part of the event included a team building session which was pretty much full of flag-snatching, cheering crowds, and above all, laughter. Everyone was satisfied that they left with a greater understanding of the word “team” and especially having new sets of friends that they will surely keep.

2nd Christmas Chorale Competition

To formally start the Christmas season, the Supreme Student Council organized a series of programs lined to uplift the spirit of the holidays to the students. These activities included the annual Christmas Chorale Competition and Christmas Parol Making Competition. Each organization was required to have representatives that will make a piece that captures the theme “Hand in Hand Let’s Make it; Feel the Spartans’ Christmas Spirit”.

The CICS has one representative and they sang a medley of Christmas songs. They were great and in the end they got the second place while the CEAFA representatives got the 1st place. They were judged last December 2, 2016 by the different deans and officials of the university.

BatStateU Foundation Week 2016’s Students Fair

On November 15-16, 2016, Batangas State University celebrated its 113th Foundation Week. The Main I, Main II and Lobo campuses were in attendance and each of the campuses had their booths made. They were group in to teams and each of the teams needed to showcase innovation. These booths were located in front of the CABEIHM building.

The last night, the three campuses had their Students’ Night at the newly renovated gymnasium. There were lights and sounds and had two contests, namely the Battle of the Bands and the Spoken Word Poetry. CICS had one representative per contest.

Though the representatives didn’t win, they still displayed much talent and vigor during their performances. And the important thing is that everyone enjoyed and was all smiles all through the night.

Search for Mr. & Ms. College of Informatics and Computing Sciences 2016

With regards to upcoming BatStateU 113th Foundation Week 2016, the College of Informatics and Computing Sciences held its annual Mr. and Ms. CICS. This was organized by the student council of the said college and was participated by students from the two sub-organizations. The winners of this contest would represent the college in the Mr. and Ms. BatStateU. This was held on September 10, 2016 at the CEAFA Amphitheatre and the theme for this year’s search was “Bohemian”. Ms. Elliette Culiat and Mr. Joey Espino were the chosen emcees of the event.

There were different segments to the program and those segments were divided by the ever-so-talented students from CICS with their exceptional talents. But one of the most memorable moments was the surprise the student leaders had for their outstanding dean, Engr. Princess B. Melo which was orchestrated by the faculty. Adam Bryan Fernandez and Sharifa Atienza were announced as the 4th runners up while Cleven Rei Dimaapi and Mary Rose Mendoza as the 3rd runners up. Mr. Xene Aries Manalo and Ms. Angelica Cuerdo claimed the 3rd spots with the 2nd spots going to Renvel Tumbaga and Ms. Pearl Irish Pateña. And finally, the winners of the Mr. and Ms. CICS 2016 went to the Mr. Louie Andrew Patio and Ms. Lex Cabalag. The winners were given certificates, flowers and a host of other prizes that they very much deserved.


Flag Ceremony

For the whole month of September, the flag ceremony headed by the College of Informatics and Computing Sciences Student Council (CICS-SC) together with other colleges took part in this memorable moment and headed the flag ceremony themselves. This said event marked the start of the journey of each student to the goal they have set ahead of them.

On the very first flag ceremony this semester, it was surprisingly successful because not only did the students participate but also the faculty members and the good office of the maintenance help encourage students to show respect and dignity to the Philippine flag. After the flag ceremony, the CICS-SC prepared some snacks that would serve as an early breakfast for the students and faculty alike. There was toasted mamon, bonete and an array of coffee and powdered energy drinks.

General Assembly

Last August 15, 2016, the College of Informatics and Computing Sciences – Student Council officers participated in the general assembly held by the Supreme Student Council. It was held at the Amphitheatre of the CEAFA building at 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

It consisted of the different sub organizations of the whole Alangilan campus’ colleges. The speakers talked about different things like the school premises, school organizational chart, the rules and regulations of the campus and also the necessary documents that each organization needs. They were also thought what their responsibilities were and what it takes to be a successful student leader. The speakers also taught them how to properly balance being a student and an officer so as to not sacrifice either of them.