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ChE-FE faculty members granted CHED scholarships

A totalof 30 faculty and non-teaching staff of Batangas State University, three from the Chemical and Food Engineering Department, made it on their way to go on full-time study to earn their doctorate or master’s degrees with scholarship privileges given by CHED, which include tuition cost, stipend, book allowance, and transportation allowance.

Included in the list of Approved Nominees for Doctorate Degree was the former Department Chairperson Engr. Mary Rose F. Persincula, while those who made it to the list of Master’s Degree were ChE-FE faculty members, Engr. Reggie A. Dueñas and Engr. Rhonalyn V. Maulion, both new master’s students.

The said CHED-administered scholarship programwas designed to fulfill the objectives to assist in managing the impact of the K-12 transition period to labor, to upgrade qualifications of HEI personnel during certain opportune time, and to increase the availability of quality graduate programs.

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