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BatStateU is Top.4 in Petrobowl Championship

Team Batangas State University finished 4th out of 32 schools who competed in the PetroBowl Championship 2017 during the Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition 2017 (ATCE) held at San Antonio Texas, USA. They are the first Asia Pacific Team who qualified for the semi-finals.

Competing for the first time with a fresh roster and having to climb up even from the bottom of the bracket standing, the Petroleum Engineering quizzers of Batangas State University remained composed in every round as they shocked their competitors, emerging as champions in the Asia Pacific Regional Qualifier (APRQ)—besting 21 other teams, held in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Perak, Malaysia, July 26, 2017.

The team is composed of three Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering (BS PetE) students, namely: Peter Jake N. Araneta, Ferdinand B. Goce Jr. and Julian Chen A. Jimenez; and University graduate school student and PetE Coordinator, Engr. Manilyn V. Calapatia.

“I believe it is God who made us win. In every round and after, we would always pray. Personally, even up to now, we really can’t explain how we did it; but truly, once you give your best to God, everything will fall in the right place according to his will,” Peter Jake N. Araneta, Team Captain, said.

Together with the other teams who made it on the top five in APRQ, BatStateU will now be moving forward to compete for the world championship in the Annual Technical Conference Exhibition (ATCE) against the top teams from other countries outside Asia this October 9-11, at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA.

“This is a great opportunity to really showcase the kind of students our University produces. We seek to prove global competence not only in innovation and infrastructure but also in the academics,” Engr. Rocel D. Gualberto, ME/PetEChairmain, said.

Meanwhile, as the days are inching closer, the team addressed that they are doing their very best, engaging more on teamwork not only for the University, but also for the Philippines and the Asia Pacific.

“Besides the camaraderie, we are also importantly focusing in the technical aspects of the quiz bowl, tackling current events and related issues which are being addressed by the largest companies and sectors of the Petroleum Industry,” Julian Chen A. Jimenez, PetE quizzer, said.

The APRQ with six participating teams from Indonesia, five from China, four from Malaysia, three from India, two from Philippines, one from Bangladesh, and one from Australia was concluded during the awarding ceremony having BatStateU ranked first, University of Indonesia on second, Trisakti University on third, InstitutTeknologi Bandung on fourth, and China University of Petroleum (East China) on fifth.

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