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    atty. valdezAcademic Year 2008-2009 has been an extremely challenging yet productive year for the BSU-Satellite Campus in Rosario, Batangas.

    Whether in keeping update on new innovations in technology through faculty development seminars and trainings, organizing educational activities for the students, or revising and improving different program curricula, we continue to seek ways to work in partnership with industry, other educational institutions, community service providers and government agencies in efforts to address the University’s diversified needs.

    On behalf of the Director for Administration and Finance, all the Associate Deans, Coordinators and members of the Faculty and Staff of Rosario Campus, we look forward to continuing our work with purpose and determination and facing the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the benefit of our clientele- the students.

    Atty. Edgard Valdez
    Executive Director



    Batangas State University is working towards excellence and it is geared to the attainment of its new mission. The University stands ready to foster innovations and allocate resources to provide academic excellence to our students.

    As part of the University system, we are committed in advancing the work and values of a brilliant academic community. In BSU San Juan Campus, the future of the students is secured with quality of instruction we offer and the relevance of the different program we cater.

    San Juan Campus

  • College of Teacher Education


    The College of Teacher of Teacher Education (CTE) aims to develop future elementary, secondary, and technology teachers who are imbued with the idealism of the humanist, with a sense of respect for the advancement of Philippine life and culture, with a genuine desire to facilitate learning and be conveyors of knowledge and values in all disciplines.

    General Objectives of CTE

    The College of Teacher Education aims to:

    1. Provide greater understanding of the thrusts of government in its role of nation building through a general education program that instill love of country, culture, integrity, dignity of work and spiritual vigor;
    2. Provide opportunities as formation center of quality and excellence in the different programs like BEED, BSED, BSIEd, BSECEd and BSCOEd to students in Region IV and neighboring areas; and
    3. Provide adequate reservoir of teachers trained to teach in the elementary, secondary and tertiary levels.


    College of Industrial Technology


    The College of Industrial technology shall produce well – rounded and globally competitive individuals who meet local, national and international demands for skilled workers.


    1. The devise up – to – date curricula that help attain goals, meet changing requirements and reflect changes in Industrial Technology.
    2. To facilitate quality technical – vocational education and training towards holistic competency and proficiency of the individuals in the different technology areas.
    3. To mold individuals whose personal, social, technical, practical qualities make them productive and valuable citizens of a global village.
    4. To train technologies in the use of applied research by innovating ways to address needs and problems and by implementing and extending current technology.


    College of Accountancy, Business, Economics and International Hospitality Management


    The College of Accountancy , Business, Economics and International Hospitality Management aims to contribute to the nation’s economic, social and commercial development through an interdisciplinary approach to accounting & business education shaped by high quality research and a critical perspective to business practice.


    1. To provide multiple paths into the field of accountancy business and economics that will create a wide range of career options for students;
    2. To enhance students personal skills and knowledge while developing their competence in analytic decision-making;
    3. To develop among students a critical awareness of socio-economic issues amidst a continuously changing business and economic environment which can lead to greater and more positive socio-economic transformation

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